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the november 2018 fascia congress


Fascia Congress 2018

According to their website, the Fascia Research Society, “was established as a membership organization to facilitate, encourage and support the dialogue and collaboration between clinicians, researchers and academicians, in order to further our understanding of the properties and functions of fasciae.”  Every other year they put on the Fascia Congress, and the latest will be held on November 14 & 15 in Berlin, Germany. 

Yesterday, an article titled Anticipating the 5th International Fascia Congress was published in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies giving a hint of what we can expect.  While I am not going to talk about the presenters in this post, suffice it to say they are some of the most elite names in fascia research.  What can we expect to learn from the 2018 Fascia Congress?

Some of the topics specifically mentioned included fascia research as related to quantum physics and BIOMECHANICS.  I saw a speaker whose area of expertise was fascia and the lymphatics / immune system (HERE), which will always include various sorts of  FASCIA-RELATED AUTOIMMUNITY.  There was mention of the THORACOLUMBAR FASCIA as it pertains to CHRONIC LOW BACK PAIN

Fascia’s relationship to FIBROSIS (the “THICKENEDSCAR TISSUE that is sometimes referred to as “DENSIFICATION“) was discussed as well.  Also mentioned was fascia as related to BREATHING, PROPRIOCEPTION, and ENDOCRINE FUNCTION

There was some discussion about TENSEGRITY and the fact that most physiological functions of fascia, including HOMEOSTAISIS and NEUROLOGICAL FUNCTION, are intertwined to the point that increasing numbers of academics are saying that all disease processes have their roots there (HERE).  It looks like there will even be a talk given on FASCIA AS RELATED TO CANCER.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I hope you are looking forward to the results of the Fifth Fascia Congress as much as I am, but in the meantime be sure to check out my fascia overview (HERE) as well as my FASCIA SUPER PAGE — the post that contains all of the nearly 180 articles I’ve written on the subject.  If you know people who need to be made aware of this event or of the importance of fascia in general, be sure to show us some love on FACEBOOK as it’s a simple way to reach those you love and care about most with valuable information that just happens to be totally free (just like, share, follow or tag).


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