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the state of the american disease:  management -vs- cures explains why you are big pharma’s largest commodity


Big Pharma

Soaring Insulin Prices have Patients Terrified and Pharmacists ScramblingThe title of an article from the July 31, 2018 issue of the American Pharmacist Association

Is The Pharmaceutical Industry Focused On Curing Diseases, Or Just Treating Symptoms?  The title of a December, 2017 issue of Forbes

In the midst of widespread clamoring for “free” Universal Insurance, there’s this tiny little problem of the skyrocketing cost of caring for sick people in a nation of increasingly sick people.  Nothing gives us a better glimpse into the hopelessness of this phenomenon than DIABETES.  Not only do approximately one in ten American adults have diabetes, but according to the ADA, 85 million have PRE-DIABETES (aka metabolic syndrome), which many would argue is functionally the same. 

As many have already figured out, the drugs for treating diabetes and its ilk are expensive and don’t work very well (HERE).  Sure; they do an “OK” job of doing what they were designed to do — lower blood sugar.  But as far as doing the heavy lifting that’s claimed (decreasing death, strokes, heart attacks, etc) — it’s not happening.  As is often the case, THE DRUGS affect surrogate endpoints (in this case blood sugar), while morbidity and mortality run wild.  What’s arguably worse is that our government is subsidizing this disease on multiple fronts.

They subsidize the corn (NOT TO MENTION OTHER GRAINS) that is the source of HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP.  They are directly subsidizing the FOOD BUDGETS of the people most prone to being diagnosed (1 in 7 of those living inside our borders are on government food assistance).  And they heavily subsidize corporate healthcare — the system that’s slowly taken over American medical care.  After revealing that diabetes is costing over 325 billion dollars per year, the ADA went on to explain just how much of this burden is being covered by the American taxpayer. 

Most of the cost for diabetes care in the U.S., 66%, is provided by government insurance (including Medicare, Medicaid, and the military). The rest is paid for by private insurance or by the uninsured.

Not only has this made healthcare as we know it — no matter whose funding plan you promote — completely UNSUSTAINABLE, but now we have big pharma and the medical community themselves to contend with.  That’s because if there is one thing we know for sure, it’s that MEDICAL GUIDELINES cannot be trusted.  Just how little they can be trusted can be seen in a paper published in last March’s issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (Trending Cardiovascular Nutrition Controversies); a paper that started out by trumpeting a fact that they should have been ashamed of.

“Contemporary guidance by the American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology (AHA/ACC), the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Health and Human Services is issued now as food-based dietary patterns with accompanying specific nutrient recommendations.”

I’ve already shown you how corrupt the AHA/ACC is (HERE is a great short example), but in this paper they are worse, touting SOYBEAN OIL, continuing to pan coconut oil (HERE), and even going back to ancient recommendations not to eat eggs because they are high in cholesterol (HERE).  They even had the gall to quote the NLA thusly.  “The National Lipid Association concluded that there is no evidence of any health benefit of coconut oil” —- this from an organization with more ties to industry than DONALD RUMSFELD, HERE). 

Furthermore, the chief function of the USDA is, as stated on their website (it was first on the list), “to promote agriculture production…..”  Don’t forget that it was the USDA who brought us one of the single most detrimental and destructive governmental recommendations this nation has ever seen; the FOOD PYRAMID.  And as for DHHS, among other things, they administrate the FOOD & NUTRITION SERVICES (FOOD STAMPS) program — a program frequently run the way a five year old would fill the grocery cart if you let them.

The point to today’s post is this — we are not quite halfway through the first month of 2019.  You’ve already bailed on your NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS and are realizing that this year is going to be just another rung on the ladder to unmanageable pain, weight gain, and chronic diseases (plural).  But it doesn’t have to be like this.  Sit down today and create your own PERSONALIZED EXIT STRATEGY (I’m even giving you THIS RESOURCE completely free). 

As I’ve mentioned numerous times, the vast majority of chronic health conditions begin with blood sugar issues.  Fortunately there are a group of rogue scientists out there who have provided you with a dietary blueprint that actually makes sense for those of you coping with T2D (HERE).  Just do it already!  And if you have friends or loved ones who could similarly benefit, FACEBOOK is still a nice resource for reaching them.


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