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the weirder, wackier, and more widespread the neurological issues, the less likely fascia remodeling will help



When it comes to what I do in my clinic with FASCIA REMODELING, the results can be out of this world (HERE).  Because of this I am inundated by emails from people wanting to know if I can help them with this problem or that problem.  What’s interesting is how many people are RUDE OR SNARKY when they find out that I don’t believe that what I do will help them in their particular situation.  Please understand that when it comes to LONG DISTANCE PATIENTS, the last thing I want is people making a trip if I don’t believe I can help.  Let me give you an example from the other day from “Sally” (not her real name).

Hello Dr. Schierling,

2 years ago my doctor talked me into getting a flu shot even though I had never had one before and had been healthy my whole life (I do smoke about a pack a week). It has turned my life upside down.  I have daily migraine headaches.  My lips and ears feel like they’re vibrating even though they aren’t.  My eyes are either always watering or always dry. Only half my body sweats.  My hands both shake but never at the same time. I have pain everywhere, but it never stays in one place but moves around constantly.

My digestion and bowels are terrible.  The list is so long that it would take too long to tell you everything.  The main reason I am contacting you is that my entire body feels as though it is stiffening like drying concrete even though I am only XX years old and very active until this started.  I try to do yoga but it always makes the problem worse.  I am always exhausted and my limbs feel so heavy like they are anchoring me to my bed. 

I can barely make it to the grocery store and back and no longer attend mass except on Christmas and Easter.  I found your page on fascia adhesions and feel you are my last hope because I have been to every specialist in my area and no one knows what’s wrong with me or what to do.  I am eagerly awaiting your response.  My problem is not in my head!


Here’s the thing; I get so many of these it literally breaks my heart.  Unfortunately, what I do in my clinic is not going to solve Sally’s problem.  In fact, I’m doubtful I could bring her any temporary relief.  Other than to say there is some sort of systemic neurological problem going on, I don’t really have any idea what might be wrong with her.   Below is my response to her email.

Hello Sally,
As much as I hate to see you struggle with this problem that I do not believe for one minute is in your head, due to its underlying
SYSTEMIC NATURE it is not something I have the expertise to help you with, and unfortunately I’m not even sure where to begin other than suggest you read the material in these posts (HERE).  Something from that FLU SHOT obviously messed up your gut and neurological system, but beyond that, I have no idea.  Again, I am sorry, and wish you the best in finding a solution. 

Here is Sally’s response word for word.

Well I’m sorry too.  I thought I had finally found someone who knows something about fixing my problem.  I guess I’ll just keep searching for a real expert.  It’s too bad the world is full of rip offs and liars who are looking to take advantage of people!

I totally get where she’s coming from — she thought she had found the solution to her misery and was banking on that before even talking to me.  There is nothing I would have loved more than to tell Sally to make the trip from the coast to see me because I really believed I could help. 

Understand, however, that my goal is not only to help all of you in some small way (just look at the massive amount of free information I am continually giving away on my site — no strings attached), but to protect your time and pocketbook as well.  The last thing I want is a reputation as a scam artist with a cool website.  If I truly think I can help you, I’ll tell you that — if not, I’ll tell you that too.

Do I help everyone who comes to see me, whether local or from FAR AWAY?  Heck no.  And it always bothers me when someone does not respond.  The thing, however, that sets me apart from other clinics is that in most cases I can tell my patients that they will know after a single treatment whether or not my approach is going to help them (HERE or HERE).  

Video Testimonial: Fascia Remodeling

Meet Jack.  This video is of a young man who had three years of low back pain, dating back to high school.  Nothing neurological, systemic, or odd about his case other than the fact he had been dealing with it for three years when I first saw him, almost a year ago to the day.  I wish you well on your future endeavors Jack!


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