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mom’s level of inflammation tied to baby’s brain architecture and brain function


Mom Baby Inflammation

The brand new issue of Nature Neuroscience published one of the most jaw dropping studies I’ve seen in quite some time — a joint effort between researchers from Oregon Health & Science University and THE “CORPORATE” PORTION of Universitätsmedizin Berlin called Maternal IL-6 During Pregnancy can be Estimated from Newborn Brain Connectivity and Predicts Future Working Memory in Offspring

We’ve known for awhile now that mom’s level of inflammation during pregnancy affects her unborn baby.  Now we see that the relationship is so solid that MRI scans of baby’s brain not only reveal this relationship, but the extent of the relationship as well.  Let me show you what I mean.

“Several lines of evidence support the link between maternal inflammation during pregnancy and increased likelihood of neurodevelopmental and psychiatric disorders in offspring. We assessed maternal plasma interleukin-6 (IL-6) during pregnancy, functional magnetic resonance imaging acquired in neonates, and working memory (an important component of executive function) at 2 years of age.

Functional connectivity within and between multiple neonatal brain networks can be modeled to estimate maternal IL-6 concentrations during pregnancy. Brain regions heavily weighted in these models overlap substantially with those supporting working memory in a large meta-analysis. Maternal IL-6 also directly accounts for a portion of the variance of working memory at 2 years of age. Findings highlight the association of maternal inflammation during pregnancy with the developing functional architecture of the brain and emerging executive function.”

The study was such a big deal that one of Yale’s lead cognitive neuroscientists, Monica Rosenberg, wrote an accompanying editorial (Baby Brains Reflect Maternal Inflammation) that not only reinforced the findings above, but went a step further.  In an article for MedPage Today, Judy George (Infant Brains May Reflect Maternal Inflammation) summarized a portion of Dr. Rosenberg’s paper by saying, “giving pregnant females a protein that stimulated immune responses was enough to cause autism spectrum-like and schizophrenia-like behaviors in offspring“.  

In other words, it’s not just a memory thing, but the chances of baby developing AUTISM and SCHIZOPHRENIA (both of which are in the list found in the next link) also increase just because mom is inflamed (HERE is a recent post similar to this conclusion).

All of this is nice but it begs the question of what might be causing such high levels of maternal inflammation (IL-6 is probably the most common of the inflammatory mediators)?  If you have any health problem on THIS LIST you are inflamed (similar to the SELF TEST I CREATED).  If you have any of the AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES ON THIS LIST, you are inflamed.  Do you SMOKE?  Do you eat a CRAPPY DIET?  Are you a SUGAR / CARB JUNKIE?  Are you aware of the importance of GUT HEALTH?  Do you EXERCISE

How many of you reading this realize that the very purpose of the “UNIVERSAL VACCINE ADJUVANT” (ALUMINUM) is to intentionally create inflammatory response in the body and brain?  Do you expose yourself to too many chemicals (HERE)?  Do you feel TOXIC?  Do you take ANTIBIOTICS and / or other MEDICATIONS?  Do you have “THE LEAKIES“?  The more of these you can answer yes to, not only the more likely you are to be inflamed, but the more inflamed you are likely to be.

This is why I created a generic “SELF HELP GUIDE” to help address the underlying inflammation that has the potential to affect each one of these individual points and then some.  Be sure to get your physician’s stamp of approval before implementing (or even reading) anything in this post if you are pregnant or may become pregnant.   Oh, and be sure to like, share, or follow us on FACEBOOK while you’re at it.


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