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thoracolumbar spine video testimonial


Thoracolumbar Fascia Pain

Image by Anatomography

The image on the left shows the diamond-shaped Thoracolumbar Fascia (arrow), with another image of a lumbar spine overlayed in red.  I show you this because Mary has been coming to me for a long time with low back pain that was diagnosed via MRI as being caused by her Spinal Discs (disc-related pain).

The problem is that according to the latest scientific research, 50-70% of the adult American population is walking around with disc problems in their low backs that they are completely unaware of because they do not hurt (HERE).  Think about this for a moment.  The majority of us would show a HERNIATED DISC on MRI if we had one — even if we have no pain.  Not knowing this information sets people up for failure when it comes to SPINAL SURGERIESIt also means that it is always easy for a doctor to find some kind of abnormality on the MRI to blame your pain on.

As you can see from the picture below, Mary is fun to be around.  She is sweet, gentle, and loves to laugh.  For five years though, she has not felt like laughing due to severe chronic pain.  That is until a couple of months ago when I was able to convince her that she needed to try our TISSUE REMODELING TREATMENT.  She had brutal FASCIAL ADHESIONS of her THORACOLUMBAR FASCIA.  Make absolutely sure you click on this link.  It contains two 10 second videos of Thoracolumbar Fascia (one of a person with low back pain and one of a person with no low back pain).   I’ll stop and let Mary tell you the rest of her story.  Thanks for the video Mary.  We love you!


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