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three years and counting


Chronic Pain Solutions

Three years ago, I got fed up with the website company I was using, and made a break.  It was one of those dime-a-dozen chiropractic-specific companies that creates website templates for thousands of chiropractors — websites that all look alike and say exactly the same thing.  In other words, I paid a monthly fee to look and sound like a lemming. 

After checking out several companies that specialize in do-it-yourself websites, I discovered Weebly, who had everything I was looking for at an extremely reasonable annual fee, including ease of use (if you can type, you can use Weebly).  And best of all, my website was mine; not something that looked and sounded ‘generic’.  The bottom line is whether you like my site or hate it, it’s all on me.  Sure; there are some things I would have done differently had I known what I was doing from the beginning.  But this is my website, my mistakes, my articles, my VIDEOS, and my design (I have to give major props, however, to graphic artist, Diana Rosdail, for designing the banners.  After realizing how garish my previous attempts were (see above), I contacted Diana, who set me straight.)

The two biggest things I have realized from this site, are just how hungry people are for solutions to their health issues, and how many people there are struggling with CHRONIC PAIN.  I’ve also discovered that there are a growing number of people who are tired of being force-fed the “EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE” that they instinctively know is bogus to begin with.  They are also tired of the same old doctor visits that consist of a sit-down-and-tell-me-your-symptoms-and-I’ll-prescribe-you-a-drug mentality, without as much as a second thought from the doctor of actually doing something to at least address the underlying cause of those symptoms.  The result of all this is that the number of annual visitors to our sites has soared into the millions, and growing every month — all without me having any real knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Some of my favorite topics include

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