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time magazine tackles the anti-vax crowd


Time Magazine Vaccination

Arek ‘quimono’ Socha – Stockholm/Sweden – Pixabay
Jeffrey Kluger, senior writer for TIME Magazine and author of nine books, wrote an article for the October 6 issue called Who’s Afraid of a Little Vaccine?   Kluger starts out by telling his readers how ridiculous he felt by taking his child to the doctor so that they, “would introduce a stream of viral traces into her otherwise clean and pristine immune system.”  He goes on to say that he was, “seized by a sudden fear that he was doing a very bad thing.”   Not only does he describe how he quickly got over this emotion, but how a growing number of Americans (according to him, mostly wealthy white liberals) are not getting over that fear.  He goes on to say that, “The antivaccination movement is more a scourge of the blue [Democrat] states. Its adherents are primarily well-educated and comparatively affluent people who consider themselves well informed” (he claims that this group suffers from “master-of-the-universe phenomenon“).   However, I am not convinced that this is the best explanation.

As far as explanations go, I would say that my most recent post sums up the chief reason that people (in this particular case, nurses) are declining vaccinations in increasing numbers.  In fact, Kluger himself makes a fairly good case for the very point he is decrying by listing some of these very reasons (“AUTISM, BIPOLAR DISORDER, ADHD, ALLERGIES, they are profit centers, more“).  He also mentions that some doctors think that, “vaccines should be an elective procedure“.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t mention Dr. Mercola, Dr. Amy Davis Wright, or any of the thousands of other medical doctors / Ph.D researchers who feel the same way.  Like many medical personnel, Kluger wants vaccines mandated by the State for everyone.  This, he says, prevents, “Gaps in the herd“.

The concept of “Herd Immunity” is simple.  Vaccinate everyone, because some of these vaccines are only 80% effective (mumps for instance).  Others, like we learned in our last post, are even less (Flu Vaccinations hover near the 50% mark).  But am I at fault for not wanting my children treated like part of “the herd“?  Frankly, the term itself sounds rather Orwellian.  Unfortunately, we are going to see a continual erosion of our freedoms as they pertain to healthcare.  Why?  Listen to what I wrote last year.  “Because of our nation’s increasingly nationalized medical policies, the day is rapidly approaching when just like Dreonna, you are going to find yourself unable to make your own healthcare decisions.  Important decisions will be made for you by an entity that thinks it knows more about taking care of your family than you do —- Big Government.  Think I’m exaggerating?    Oh; I get it.   You think that you’ll be unaffected just because you aren’t a healthcare worker or don’t have children in school?  Don’t  hold your breath.  Because we have collectively voted for government-controlled healthcare, prepare to have your healthcare increasingly controlled by the government.

The interesting thing is, not even healthcare workers (physicians, nurses, etc) want to see vaccines mandated.  Case in point is the poll run by MedPage Today this past January.  Due to the Dreonna Breton issue, it asked healthcare providers what they thought of forced flu immunizations.  “Less than 18% of the nearly 5,500 voters (mostly healthcare providers) thought Dreonna should be fired no matter what, while 56% believed she should have complete freedom to reject the vaccine — even in the absence of a medical or religious exemption.” 

I do find it interesting that the article brought up state vaccination rates.  Colorado, the state with the lowest BMI and top rate of over-all health, has the single worst vaccination rate in America.  While Mississippi, the state with the highest BMI, and arguably the most unhealthy population in the US, has a 99.9% vaccination rate.  Rather than me pointing out the obvious, I’ll let you chew on these stats and come to your own conclusions.

Before I leave, I want to mention one more interesting point that Kluger parrots concerning the age of onset for autism.  Please make sure your BS-Detectors are turned all the way up as you read this.  He is talking about Julie Snoeberger, a prominent “antivaxxer”.  “At 18 months, she says, the MMR vaccine transformed him within 48 hours from a happy, verbal child to one who was violent, anti-social and had “lost all his words”.  The medical community has heard stories like this before and patiently refutes them.  If her son developed signs of autism, they were linked not to the vaccine but the simple fact that the disorder often begins to present itself at the same age that which kids start getting vaccinated.”  Folks; this is BS, pure, plain, and simple.  And you don’t have to be educated, white, or affluent to see it.  In the nearly 25 years I have been in practice, I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I have heard this same sad story.  My child was normal until they received their shots, and they’ve never been the same since.

Not that I would ever try and persuade you to come over to the Dark Side with me, but if you are interested in this issue, I’ve written numerous articles on the topic.  Oh, and if this message — a message of freedom —- resonates with you, help us reach more people by liking us on FACEBOOK.


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