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Paul & Ilene Burris

The Saturday of Labor Day weekend, my best fiend’s mom passed away — almost three years to the day after HIS DAD passed.  I was just south of St Louis at my in-laws, and had brought THE MOTORCYCLE because the rest of the family had gone up a couple days earlier.
Unfortunately, I could not be at the funeral due to work conflicts, but I felt I needed to be there for Rick.  I left Imperial at 4:00 am on Monday morning to avoid the crazy 100 degree heat we’d been having, made my way to I-70, and headed west.   I rode through some torrential rains in the KC area, arrived in Emporia in time for breakfast; spending the day hanging out with the Burris clan before leaving at 4:00 am on Tuesday. 

Although there was certainly sadness for the passing of the family matriarch, ILENE, the day was really a celebration of her and Paul’s life together.  For instance; one of the kids (Jonah?) found an old slide projector and slides — all of them four to five decades old.  It was an incredible time watching everyone’s reactions to the slides and listening to their stories. 

That afternoon, Rick approached me about taking care of someone’s shoulder.  After working on one person, it sort of snowballed.  Several people told me of chronic (long-standing) problems they had been struggling with, and I spent a couple of hours working on anyone who needed.  I felt honored to be able to give something back to a few of the people who have become a second family to me.  Below is an email I received from DREONA’S husband — a law enforcement officer in PA.

Following an incident that occurred while conducting an arrest, I had severe neck and upper back pain that kept me up at night and inhibited my movements during my work day.  While at a recent family function, Dr. Russ Schierling performed Scar tissue remodeling treatment on me. After the procedure, I instantly felt the pain release from my neck and upper back. That night I slept for the first time in months without waking, and I am now able go through my workday pain free.    – Jeremy Breton

TESTIMONIALS are certainly cool, but what was doubly cool is that Rick was able to stop by Mountain View for a couple of days on his way back to South Carolina.  Naturally, we spent yesterday on the CURRENT RIVER, running all the way up to Blue Springs, cooking, eating, jawing, and of course, snorkeling.  It was about as good a day as you will find, with clear blue skies, warm temps (84 degrees), and water with a clarity and color that rival the Caribbean.   As always, I’m looking forward to doing it again — next time with your whole family.  If you are interested in seeing some of the pics, just click the previous link.

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