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tissue remodeling and the elite powerlifter


Having been fascinated with muscles from the first time I saw Muscle & Fitness on the magazine rack at the Emporia, Dillons / Kroeger as a kid, I started lifting weights my in my senior year of high school.  Mind you; when I graduated, I was 6’2″ and not quite 150 lbs — ripped to shreds and naturally strong, but no mass whatsoever.  By the time my senior year at Kansas State rolled around, I weighed 215 and could squat four plates (405) for 10 reps (parallel), and was deadlifting nearly 500 lbs (my bench was never good —- the most I ever got was right at 300 lbs).   Enter Jared Davis.

I’ve known Jared since he was a kid playing high school football.  He was always big and strong, and has been in the powerlifting / Strongman game for a long time.  At a lean 315 lbs, he is a physically imposing specimen, with legs like tree trunks and a chest big enough to carve out a brand new Mount Rushmore.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to help Jared with any number of the sort of injuries that result from habitually handling heavy iron.   As you might imagine, the sort of SCAR TISSUE he tends to accumulate in certain areas is nothing short of ridiculous. 

BTW, when Jared talks about some of his lifting accomplishments for this video, it is only because I asked him to.  I wanted to make sure people realize he’s not just “some guy from the gym”.   I wish you well on your new job Jared, and in all your future athletic endeavors as well! 


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