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(A Video Testimonial)

Fixing Neck Pain

Image by FotoFyl / Erifyli Tsavdari

Pete and Repeat were up in a tree, Pete fell out; who was left?   Pete and Repeat were up in a tree, Pete fell out; who was left?   Pete and Repeat were up in a tree, Pete fell out; who was left?   Does this little childhood ditty remind you of the way those of you struggling with CHRONIC NECK PAIN have been dealt with over the years?  Whether it’s an MD, chiropractor, physical therapist, myofascial release specialist, massage therapist, or some other expert in their field, repeated treatments are all too often the norm.  Don’t get me wrong; I am not insinuating that people should be completely healed in one or two sessions.  However, there should be some change(s) taking place. 

When I consult with people who give me a version of of the following scenario, it is virtually a lock that this person is dealing with underlying Scar Tissue —- most likely in the form of FASCIAL ADHESIONS.   The only thing that helps me Doctor Schierling is __________ (insert the term(s) “adjustments”, “bodywork”, “massage”, “drugs”, or whatever else you do for temporary relief here), but the results never last more than _________ (insert “a few hours”, “a day”, “a few days”, “a week”, etc here).

Most therapists tend to put the cart in front of the horse.  They altogether skip or skimp on PHASE I, going directly to PHASE II.   Physicians, for the most part, skip both phases and move directly to drug therapy.  This is palliative (palliative care may make you feel better temporarily), but is never therapeutic (therapeutic care actually helps you get better by aiding the healing process).  Proof of this can be seen in the side-effects of a wide variety of drugs, including CORTICOSTEROIDS

All too often, Chiropractors totally focus on the adjustment portion of Phase I (HERE).  Although CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS are an extremely valuable tool in the quest to help injured people restore their lives; with seriously injured people who struggle perpetually with Chronic Pain, they are only one piece of the puzzle.  And as great as massage therapy and body work can be; in severe cases, it is simply not intense enough (not to mention, it skips every other part of the two phases of care).  The end result of any of these above-mentioned scenarios?  Repeated visits to whatever kind of practitioner you are going to without ever getting any sort of relief that could even remotely be categorized as “long-lasting”.

To truly deal with the CHRONIC PAIN that many people who have old injuries and / or DEGENERATION struggle with on an day-to-day basis, treatment(s) must be done in a stepwise fashion.  If you put the cart in front of the horse and get things out of order, you will likely be carting “Repeat” around with you until your funeral.  Isn’t it time that you gave Repeat a proper burial instead?




All three of these videos were shot yesterday.  In the two clips above, we have Coantha.   Coantha, not quite 30, has struggled with constant daily Neck Pain and Headaches (HEADACHES severe enough that she refers to them as MIGRAINES) for at least 6 or 7 years. As is typical, her pain started not long after a fairly serious MVA.  I shot a “before” and “after” video on her about 20 minutes apart yesterday.  The first clip was taken during her examination, while the second clip was taken just after I finished treating her.  In the second video, below, you can see / hear how much better Verna Wright did with her Chronic Neck Pain —- after her very first treatment that took place several months ago.  


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