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unsolicited piriformis syndrome testimonial


Piriformis Syndrome

Kanenori – かねのり 三浦 – 八尾市/日本 – Pixabay

Several weeks ago I saw a woman who came quite some distance to see me with absolutely brutal long-term PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME.  Rather than having me talk about it, let me simply let you read the email that she sent me yesterday.  I have purposely left out her name, but will reveal it when she does a video for us in the future.
Dear Dr Schierling,

It has been just over three weeks since my husband brought me in and you treated me and I wanted to give you an update. When I traveled to see you, I was in bad, bad shape. I had to use a wheelchair through the airports and could hardly even stand. I was in an immense amount of pain. Sitting or standing made it worse. If I was lying down, it would take the edge off of the pain, but it never went away. I could tell immediately after the tissue remodeling, that I was getting some relief. I was able to sit in the car for the two hour drive back to the airport and then able to walk through all three airports without any assistance. (I was moving pretty gingerly though.) We were praising God all of the way home. I was off for the next five days and did the stretching as directed and iced when I could.  

Even after I went back to work on that Saturday, I stopped and stretched as often as possible. I also have been taking the Ligaplex as well. During the first few days back at work, I moved very carefully. I was able to stay at work my whole 8 hour shift, though! Week 2, I continued stretching and the ligaplex. I also started to alternate using moist heat and cold therapy. I started to feel even better. Week three, people at work couldn’t believe how much better I was moving. I’m not back to my old self, yet, but I would say that I am feeling about 55-60 percent better. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised that I was seeing improvement even into week 3.

I want to thank you so much. Your website is full of so much great information. It was a true blessing that I came across your sight on one of my many days that I was bed ridden on my back. I know everyone thought that I was borderline crazy for doing it, but I had a calmness in my soul that told me that with the Lord’s help, that you were the one who was going to help me! I have directed many people to your site, now that they have witnessed with their own eyes what your treatment has done for me!

Blessings to you and your family and staff!!!!!

I appreciate your kind words “D”.  Your story is why I do what I do!  And by the way, thanks for directing people to our site.  Other than the website, I literally do not advertise — never have.  Everything we do here is word-of-mouth. My mission in life is, by the grace of God, is to help as many people in your shoes as is humanly possible.  God bless you until I see you again in a couple of weeks.
Dr. Russ

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