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Because I had not started doing VIDEO TESTIMONIALS yet, I kept a short “Treatment Diary” of the truly exciting things that happened each week in Schierling Chiropractic, LLC, concerning our SCAR TISSUE REMODELING TREATMENTS done for FASCIAL ADHESIONS, TENDINOSIS, LIGAMENTOUS INJURY, and TORN MUSCLES.   As you can see from the disclaimer below, no names or personal identifying information were used, unless the patient specifically allowed it (in writing).   HERE are other Case Histories as well.

This Blog Post is actually a page that I called “Weekly Patient Treatment Diary” that was taken from my old Destroy Chronic Pain website.  It is a page that I did not want to bring over to this site, but I did not want to simply destroy it either.  It is quite long, and you will never get thru it all. That’s OK.  Check it out and enjoy.

HIPAA DISCLAIMER: Neither verbal information nor written records about our patients can be shared with another party without the written consent of the patient, or the patient’s legal guardian or personal representative. It is our official office policy not to release any information about a patient without a signed release of information except in certain emergency situations or exceptions in which, under HIPAA regulations, information may be disclosed to others without written consent. If an individual’s name is given on this page, it means that Schierling Chiropractic, LLC has said individual’s express written consent to use both their name and testimonial.

WEEK OF MARCH 7, 2011:

I successfully treated a middle aged woman who had major scar tissue on the right side of her middle back.  She had been through lots and lots of therapy, chiropractic, and home stretching (nearly two decades worth) and still had Chronic Pain in her back.  This was her second treatment, and she has been out of pain now for over a month.

I gave a long time patient his second treatment for an elbow tendinopathy.   His first treatment was over four years ago —– he is starting to have some problems again and needs a second treatment.

I gave a second treatment to a 12 year old girl with Osgood Schlatter’s Syndrome.  Although she had been through a great deal of treatment and doctor visits (unsuccessful), she could squat without pain after her first treatment.  She was probably 75% better after one treatment —- I released her after her second.

I treated a middle aged woman for elbow tendinosis.  When I started treatment, she could not make a fist.  Within 5 minutes, she could nearly squeeze my arm off.

I saw a middle aged male today for the first time in several weeks.  He originally presented with chronic neck pain, headaches, and an inability to turn his head to the right.  His neck x-rays were clean, showing no real reason his mobility should be so restricted.  I treated him twice to break up the scarring in his neck fascia.  He just told me that he is about 75% better on a day to day basis than he has been for years.

I saw a very fit, middle aged woman for Achilles Tendinitis (I had previously seen her for Shin Splints).  Both problems were essentially “fixed” after just one visit.

I gave the 5th or 6th treatment to a medicare-aged woman with a history of terrible MVA decades ago.  She had been through more treatment than you could almost imagine with no relief for her chronic neck & back pain, and headaches.  She has just about as bad of a case of Fascial Adhesion in the neck as I have ever seen.  She is slowly improving with more ROM and less pain and headache.

I spoke with a woman that I had recently released from care.  She had been rear-ended by a semi truck on the ice, and was having lots of pain in her mid back.  Adjustments were not holding, so we treated for scarring.  Several treatments and she improved quickly and dramatically.

I treated a young runner who had developed a tendinitis of her ankle and could not bear weight or bend it without pain.  I found which tendons were giving her problems, and within a few minutes —– she could not reproduce pain; no matter what she tried.

I treated a long term patient for adhesion and scarring in his mid and upper back.  I have treated him several times before, and it helps him tremendously.  Although he still has some issues, the Tissue Remodeling Treatment has helped him tremendously.  he works out on the road and has been to many chiropractors, therapists, and doctors.  The tissue work that we do has helped him more than anything.

A middle aged woman drove a significant distance to see us a second time for her neck.   Although she had gone to several chiropractors over the years, she never had relief or improved mobility for more than a few days with chronic neck pain and headaches.  I had treated her previously a couple of years ago with a big and immediate improvement in both ROM and pain.

WEEK OF MARCH 14, 2011: It was an interesting week for treating Piriformis Syndrome.

I had a woman come in who had fought chronic hip / buttock pain with associated leg pain (sciatica) for over twenty years.  On her first treatment, she was dramatically better — instantly!

I had another young woman come in with classic Piriformis Syndrome.  She has had chronic hip and buttock pain (bilateral) since the birth of a child.  Although she has desperately wanted to exercise, she had not been able to so much as ride a bicycle for over 7 years.  After a 10 minute treatment that included working on both piriformis muscles, she got off the table and for the first time since she could remember, could not reproduce her pain no matter how hard she tried.

One of my long-time patients who logs for a living, came in last week complaining again about his Wrist Tendinitis.  (The doctors would have probably called it DeQuervain’s Syndrome).  Call it what you want, he was about 90% better, immediately after treatment — verified again when I saw him yesterday for his low back.  I had fixed his brother’s chronic neck pain several years ago using our tissue work, and suggested he try it for his wrist.  He had been messing around with acupuncture for well over a year, and was tired of the on-again, off-again results.  He was worried not only about not being able to run his chainsaw, but about being unable to fish.  No worries now; he just left for a week of fishing for big bass in Texas!

About three years ago, I had an older, middle aged woman come to me for abdominal pain, low back pain, hip pain, and female-type pain.  She had a history of factory work and a 5th lumbar disc that was degenerative to the point of being gone.  She was in the process of paying of a “bladder surgery” from several years prior to our first visit that was supposed to fix all this.  It did not.  Adjustments would help her for a day or two and then she would be in agony again.  We started doing tissue work, and literally found problems all over the place.  She had some ITB Syndrome, Piriformis Syndrome, as well a generalized Fascial Adhesions in her low back / pelvis area.  She has been one of my great challenges, but has seen steady improvement to the point she can now go 2-3 months without pain.  I have never seen another case quite like hers in twenty years of practice.

I had a gentleman in his 80′s come in today with what first appeared to be sciatica.  He had tripped and fallen over a concrete parking barricade and had pain shooting down the back of his leg.  Upon further examination, I realized that he had “torn” the back portion of his TFL / ITB.  I found the problem and treated it in about 2 minutes.  Although he had walked in with a cane, he walked out under his own power.

I saw a woman for her second visit for Chronic Neck Pain and severe numbness / pain in her hands.  It was affecting every area of her life, and since her husband had just seen me for the same problem, she figured that I could help her (they had both been through numerous unfruitful doctor visits).  Her neck moved like a hedge post, and was loaded with scar tissue.  I could tell by the smile on her face when I walked into the room today that she was better — according to her words; about 90% better —- after just one treatment.

I saw a 13 year old male athlete today with Piriformis Syndrome (very unusual).  Treatment worked immediately.

I saw a 50ish year old woman for her third treatment today.  She is suffering with Chronic Neck Pain and Chronic Headaches, and has a history of MVA and lots of sports.  Although she is in outwardly great physical condition, her cervical ROM was terrible.  Adjustments over the years (by other chiros) have been the only treatment that really helped her, but they never lasted (“held”) more than a day or so.  Her scar tissue is incredibly better, and she is having about 80% less pain.  Her ROM is dramatically improved.  Terrible scarring in her SCM’s.

I saw a 40 year old E.R. Physician for elbow (extensor) tendinitis, DeQuervain’s Syndrome (extensor tendinitis of the thumb), and torn fasica of the forearm and lower portion of the upper arm.  He had injured the arm doing pull ups over a year previously.  After the first treatment he could do pull ups with minimal discomfort.  A week later he sent us a testimonial saying that he was 95% better.

I found out today that a youth athlete that I had treated last week is doing well and back to practice.  He hurt his mid back last week, and by the time he got to me, he had been through a doctor visit, X-ray looking for broken ribs, and prescriptions.  He had a fascial tear in the mid / outer portion of his back about the size of a softball.

I treated a young mother a second time for Pirifomis Syndrome.  She had been through all sorts of diagnostic tests, including CT, MRI, Diagnostic Ultrasound, and others.  She is seeing positive results after just one treatment.  Chiropractic adjustments alone never made much difference in her ability to move, or her level of pain.

I saw a woman in her mid 70′s today who had actually “gone off” on her doctor over her shoulder.  She came in two weeks ago with a Rotator Cuff problem, which I treated and said we would re-treat in two weeks.  When I walked in the room today, she said that she was 75% better, and was so ticked off at her doctor that she just let him have it.  She had been going through repeated X-rays, CT scans, MRI’s, Ultra Sounds, therapy, injections, medications, etc —- for over two years with zero results.  I believe the treatment today essentially fixed her shoulder.

Here is a little side note to this issue.  Her Medicare (your tax dollars) paid for ALL of her medical care —- thousands upon thousands of dollars worth (maybe tens of thousands of dollars worth).  Between the Tissue Remodeling Treatment and adjustments, it cost her under 200 dollars out of her own pocket to get her shoulder fixed.  Whose the quack here?  If I were to continue treating someone for two years with no results, I would be guilty of malpractice!

I saw a retired rancher for his second visit with a shoulder problem.  He has been a long-time chiropractic patient of mine (chronic neck restriction and pain).  About two years ago, he agreed to some scar tissue work on his neck.  Monster difference immediately!  He knew where to come for his shoulder.  He could barely move it when he came in a couple weeks ago, but after today’s tx, he could raise it up almost completely.  He had a Supraspinatus Tendinitis.

WEEK OF MARCH 21, 2011:

I started off the week with a person who injured his shoulder in the early 1970′s while playing Australian Rules Football —– in Australia.  Although the shoulder was not incredibly painful, it did have a lot of restriction.  Huge amount of widespread Fascial Scarring and Biceps Tendinosis.  Big bruising —- immediate improvement in ROM.

I saw a middle aged woman who had been in Chronic Pain (ankle), since falling off her kitchen cabinet a year ago (don’t ask).  She had been through the usual x-rays (2 sets), MRI, and tons of therapy.  Nothing worked for very long, and her situation was easily exacerbated.  I found the problem quickly (Posterior Tib Tendinosis), and began treatment.  Within minutes she was about 90% out of pain.  She was so excited that she was literally mumbling to herself that she could not believe it.

A middle aged woman came to me for debilitating Chronic Pain in her neck and upper back, as well as her head.  I suspect that her head pain is not just headache, but skull pain (her problem started after hitting her head in an MVA 15 years ago).  She has terrible restriction and decreased ROM in her cervical spine, as well as advanced degeneration.  Although both chiropractic and acupuncture have helped her in the past, they never made a long-term change in her condition.  I broke adhesion in her neck and upper back today, adjusted her, and had her start her stretches (and pull her over-the-door cervical traction unit out of the closet).  Although there was no immediate relief, She had mountains (literally — you could feel it) of adhesion.  In a week I will check for scarring on the fascial apponeurosis of her skull.   We will know within three treatments whether this is going to help.

I saw a middle aged woman with Chronic Pain in her neck and shoulder, as well as headache.  She had been rear-ended 4 years previous (MVA), and although she had gone through both therapy and chiropractic, nothing seemed to help long term.  She had real trouble moving her neck.  She had terrible Fascial Scarring.  Not only was she excited about feeling better, she was excited that she could actually turn her head and look over her right shoulder.

I treated a middle aged woman with Plantar Fasciitis that was affecting her ability to perform day to day activities or exercise.  She was better immediately.

I saw an 18 year old woman who had suffered with Chronic Pain and severe muscle spasms since she was a little girl (3rd visit).  Although she was in tremendous physical condition with no history of major trauma, these spasms and headaches would come over her and debilitate her on a regular basis.  She had been traveling 5 hours one way to see a chiropractor who could help her.  However, the adjustments he gave would only hold for a few days (which was better than what she had previously).  She has much less adhesion / restriction, and her life is better in every way imaginable.  I suspect an underlying Gluten Sensitivity or even Celiac as at least part of the problem.

A 16 year old male athlete with a history of dirt bikes and weight lifting came to see me for a shoulder problem.  He could not raise it all the way, or push against my hand.  In three or four minutes and he was as good as new.

I saw a slightly younger female with the same problem.  She had ugly ugly scarring and adhesion of her shoulder / pec / delt junction —- far more than I dreamed I would see, considering no history of trauma or chronic overuse.  There was no immediate change in ROM or ability to raise her shoulder after treatment.  I will see her after a week of stretching and see what happens.

I saw a middle aged woman for her third treatment for chronic neck pain and headaches.  She is not only feeling dramatically better (90% better in her own words), her cervical ROM, that was pathetic when I first examined her, is greatly improved (increased bilaterally by about 35 degrees in rotation).  Oh, and she is not having headaches.

I saw a young lady today for the second time.   She had low back pain and Piriformis Syndrome.   Although her low back will take some work, her “butt pain” is gone after only one treatment.

I saw a young man today with Osgood Schlatter’s Syndrome.  He had been having knee pain just below the knee cap for about a month, and knew where to come to get the problem fixed because we had fixed his brother (who had suffered with Osgood Schlatter’s for the better part of a decade before coming to see me) several years earlier.

I treated a logger who had been dealing with a progressively-worsening shoulder problem for well over 10 years.  He had terrible Fascial Scarring in his supraspinatus and anterior deltoid muscles, and was better immediately after treatment.

A middle aged woman presented with neck pain and chronic stiffness / loss of ROM.  She had the degeneration pattern of the lower cervical spine that I routinely see in people with old “whiplash” injury.  Sure enough, she had a history of some ugly falls from her horse.  Even though she had used chiropractors before, her ROM was dramatically better after her first treatment and adjustment.  Her problem?  Fascial Adhesions of the cervical spine — almost a given after whiplash injuries.

I treated a young woman who had been suffering with chronic neck pain and headaches for years.  She was at least 50% better after her first treatment, and her cervical ROM was normal after this treatment and adjustment.  She is doing her home stretching and exercises and stretches faithfully!

WEEK OF MARCH 28, 2011

I saw a young woman today who was in a severe MVA over a year ago (she fractured her spine).  Today was her second treatment. Needless to say, she has been in severe pain.  She has had tons of medical tests, been prescribed all sorts of drugs, tried a couple of different chiropractors, had lots of therapy, done massages, and nothing has really helped for very long.  One of her chief complaints besides chest pain, was trouble breathing.  I started examining her and found Microscopic Scar Tissue on her chest.  The impact of the accident caused the under wires of her bra had been “driven” into her chest / ribs by the seatbelt.  She had serious scar tissue.  She was 60% better after her first treatment a couple of months ago (she does not live nearby).

I saw a gentleman today who has had numbness, tingling, and pain in his arms and upper shoulders.  His x-ray showed a neck that looked decent until the C5-C5 vertebrate and disc.  He had severe bone spurring and degeneration.  I told him that this was caused by some sort of “whiplash” injury that occurred about 25 or 30 years ago and caused scar tissue and subsequent restriction of that specific joint.  Sure enough, he was in a serious MVA about 25 years ago.  We are now in the process of breaking the fascial adhesions in the bottom of his neck and top of his back.

Stacey Redman gave us a testimonial today.  Absolutely Amazing!  It can be found under the “comments” section of our Home Page.  (name used by permission)

An older woman came in for pain in her mid back.  I had seen her about a year ago 2 or 3 times for Chronic Pain in her mid and upper back region.  Prior to seeing me (and being pain free for the past year), she had been struggling with this Chronic Pain for over 6 years!  Needless to say, she had been through the usual diagnostic testing, and “try this drug — try that drug” routine, with no positive benefit whatsoever.  She was eventually told that it was just an age (“arthritis”) issue.  Not even close.  Her problem was that she could not respond to adjustment because of incredible amounts of scarring in her para-spinal fascias.

I saw a woman for her second treatment today (severe headaches and neck pain that are the result of a fall from a horse 35 years ago, and a severe MVA about 15 years ago).  Although her scarring was significantly diminished and her ROM was improved, her headaches were essentially unchanged.  I treated the Fascial Adhesions on her skull and was amazed by the amount of adhesion that I found —- right on her head.  I am optimistic that we are on track with this.  Stay tuned.

A young woman came in with a fifteen year history of buttock pain and sciatica.  Guess how long it had been going on?  Since the birth of a (very big) baby.  It was classic Piriformis Syndrome.  She was better after her first treatment.

I saw a 7o plus year old chiropractor today who practices between Rolla and St. Louis.  One of his patients had her sister in his office and was telling the story of me fixing her rotator cuff in one visit.  This piqued his interest because he has had a shoulder problem ever since a light stroke that he had four years ago (he was sleeping on his back with his hands behind his head when he had the stroke).  He has tried the Oxygen Therapy at Dr. Kessinger’s office in Rolla, and does not really feel that the problem is neurological, but is instead musculoskeletal.  He had severe fascial scarring in his posterior shoulder area.  I will know in a few days if it helped.  Stay tuned.  (update via email.  As of three days later — better shoulder ROM.  No change in the pain.)

I saw a middle aged woman for a shoulder problem today. She had been struggling for months, and was a little over a week away from an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon.  Her problem was not Rotator Cuff, but was instead Fascial Adhesion in her upper chest.  Her first words after I treated her and then checked her to see how much she could move the shoulder, “Wow, I guess I need to call and cancel my orthopedist“.

I saw a woman of nearly 80 from Illinois.  About 10 years ago, I had fixed a shoulder problem that she had struggled with for a very long time.  She came today for Elbow Tendinosis.  It had been bothering her for about 2 months.  She had major Tendinosis and Fascial Adhesion.  Other than some ugly bruising, she was almost as good as new after just one 5 minute treatment.

WEEK OF APRIL 4, 2011:

Today I saw a long time patient of mine for chronic neck pain, restricted movement, and headaches.  She had been talked into the treatment by several family members who had tremendous results.  Her ROM improved dramatically — in about three minutes!  She had a banger of a headache when she walked in, and was headache free when she left.  Oh, and she could get her nose over both shoulders.

I saw an older gentleman for a shoulder problem.  He took a nasty fall about 6 months ago and broke his arm.  His shoulder has been killing him ever since.  From the symptoms he was describing I knew right where to look.  Although his shoulder was bruised something fierce when we were finished, he could raise his hand over his head and get it behind his back for the first time since the accident.  His problem was a Biceps Tendinosis and not Rotator Cuff.

I saw a young woman for her second visit (Piriformis Syndrome).  She was pain free until two days ago.  She was very worried the treatment was not working.  I explained things and treated her piriformis again.  The scarring in the belly of the muscle was broken up, but the tendinous attachment point was very scarred and calcified.  She came in with LBP and sciatica, she left with neither!

I saw a new patient with a history of headaches and neck pain.  Her neck was terribly restricted.  I checked her for scar tissue and then adjusted her.  She was impressed with the immediate change in the neck pain, increase in ROM, and the fact that her headache was gone immediately.

I saw a young woman today who was having pain in the very front of her pelvis ever since the recent birth of her baby.  She was also having Rib Pain.  After a few adjustments with no change whatsoever in her condition, I suggested to both her and her mother (who happened to be with her), that her problem might be scar tissue.  Her mother understood right away because I had treated her husband (Rotator Cuff) as well as her kids (various Athletic Injuries).  Her problem was terrible scar tissue at the ASIS (Tendinosis of her Hip Flexors).  Her pain was instantly gone (and she could stand up straight), and I think it could have been the root of her rib pain as well.  Time will tell.

I saw a middle aged man for a shoulder problem.  He had been told three years earlier that he had Rotator Cuff Tendonitis.  He had been through testing, medications, shots, therapy, and who-knows-what-else (The Medical Merry Go Round was spinning).   Within three minutes he could raise his arm straight up, and he could not reproduce pain no matter what he did.

I saw a young woman for a case of Osgood Schlatter’s.  I had fixed her a couple of years back, but she spent a weekend on her knees tearing carpet out of a house.  She was out of pain immediately after treatment. Osgood Schlatter’s is a common condition that I treat.

I saw a Medicare-aged woman who had been suffering with chronic neck pain and restriction.  She had recently had an MRI and was told that her problem was, “a little arthritis“.  Her ROM was normalized and her pain was gone after a treatment and adjustment (this was a patient that I had adjusted many times before, but never did any tissue work on).

I saw a young woman (second visit) for Piriformis Syndrome.  Her first treatment helped tremendously (even though several previous adjustments made no difference), and I am thinking that this treatment may be enough to fix this problem.

WEEK OF APRIL 11, 2011

I saw a gentleman today for his second visit (shoulder).  He was injured in a Rugby game back in 1971.  His shoulder is about 90% (ROM and discomfort) after just one treatment.

I saw an athlete today who was having low back pain.  I noticed that he was walking on the outside of his foot (any alteration of gait will cause back pain) and asked why.  He said the top of his foot hurt and he and his mom were concerned with a stress fracture.  He had a tendinosis in the flexor tendons on the top of his foot.  When he left the office he could walk normally (pain free).

I saw a student athlete today (2nd visit) for a shoulder problem.  She is about 50% better after her first treatment.

I saw an older woman today who for two weeks could not turn her head to the right.  Her ROM was almost equal, right to left, after about 3-4 minutes of treatment.  This was before her adjustment.  She had some serious fascial adhesion in her neck and traps.

I saw an extreme athlete today for a shoulder problem.  Last year I had fixed both his shoulders (extensive kayaking), and he was in yesterday because he got rammed by a canoe in the back while kayaking whitewater, and hurt one of the shoulders again.  When he left the office, his shoulder ROM had increased by about 200%, and he could not reproduce pain.

I saw a mother and daughter — the mother for Piriformis Syndrome, and the daughter for a wrist problem due to a fall (probably a combination of Fascial Adhesion and Tendinosis).  They were both immediately pain free after their first treatment.

I treated a middle aged female today for chronic neck pain.  She has been to several chiropractors —- always with good short-term results, but never long lasting relief.  Her problem?  Fascial Adhesions in her neck.  Her ROM increased a whole bunch immediately.  And this was prior to her adjustment.  She said that her neck had never “moved” like that before.  I explained to her how areas that are surrounded by scar tissue and microscopic adhesion will never adjust well.  And they will never hold adjustment for very long. 

I had a long-time male patient (mid 50′s) come and see me for Chronic Pain in his “hip”.  One of the first thing that I always try to ascertain form patients is what they mean when they say hip.  He had an orthopedic surgery on the hip when he was in grade school that left him unable to walk correctly for four years.  We took an x-ray to make sure the hip was not completely worn out and then went to work.  He had some ugly Fascial Adhesions as well as Tendinosis. After a five minute treatment, his ROM had essentially doubled and his pain was diminished by far more than that.  He had fought this problem for years and had finally decided to try our “Tissue Remodeling“  Exciting stuff! 

I saw a medicare-aged woman today for a chronic shoulder problem.  Dramatic change immediately.

I saw a middle aged woman for her second shoulder treatment. The first treatment did well, but this one really put her over the top.  Amazing changes in both ROM and pain levels.  She has canceled her next visit to the orthopedist.  Her problem was not so much Rotator Cuff, as it was a combination of both Fascial Adhesion and Tendinosis.

WEEK OF APRIL 18, 2011  

I had a “first” today. Even though Piriformis Syndrome is found in women about 15 times more often than it is found in men, I treated two men today with chronic buttock pain related to their pirifomis and not to lumbar disc problems.  Both had ugly scarring and both had immediate change in symptoms.  On top of that I actually spoke with another male patient who has a Piriformis Syndrome.  Strange days indeed!

I treated an almost 80 year old woman today with Chronic Neck Pain.  She had been told the usual —- that she was old and worn out (bad arthritis), and her only hope was to take multiple prescriptions.  In fact, she was downright frustrated that her last doctor visit consisted of her talking while the doctor sat at his computer and typed.  He apparently paid no attention to her, did not examine her, and then got up, gave her four different prescriptions, and exited the room. 

When I treated her, she had had a terrible amount of scarring on the right side of her neck as well as the center of her upper T-spine.  She had immediate big relief as well as a big change in ROM (this from a long-time chiropractic patient —– before I even adjusted her).  Her problem?  Fascial Adhesions that had caused the restriction that was causing her Spinal Degeneration.  Interestingly enough, the “terrible” arthritis that she was supposed to have, was not nearly as bad on x-ray as she had been led to believe. 

I saw a middle aged man today with a Rotator Cuff problem.  He has a tear of known severity (75%) and is trying to make it through the summer before having surgery.  Much less pain and increased ROM immediately post-treatment. 

I saw a young woman today who was in an MVA about a year ago and received a fairly severe whiplash.  she had been through lots of therapy, but was still struggling with Chronic Pain in her neck.  I broke up the Fascial Adhesions, which were terrible.  ROM increased and pain decreased immediately. 

I saw a young farmer today who has done heavy, hard work his whole life.  He has a long history of Chronic Pain from his neck to his low back.  He has been a long-time chiropractic patient, and adjustments have always helped him —– for a day or two.  I checked him for Fascial Adhesions and as you can imagine, they were terrible.  

I saw a young woman today with a chronic shoulder problem.  She had such good results with a recent Piriformis Syndrome treatment, that she decided to have her shoulder worked on.  Typical results —- increased ROM and decreased pain. 

I saw an older middle aged gentleman today with a history of chronic buttock / hip / SI pain.  Although he had some ugly scar tissue present, it was not typical Piriformis Syndrome, but more of a hip tendinosis. 

I treated a very athletic middle aged woman with Chronic Pain in her hip area.  Upon further examination, I determined that she had Piriformis Syndrome.  After her “Tissue Remodeling” treatment (before I adjusted her) she could not reproduce pain. 

I treated a retired carpenter who rode 200 miles from Kansas to get treated for Chronic Pain in his shoulder.  He had been told that he needed a total replacement of his Rotator Cuff, as well as numerous other procedures on the shoulder.  During treatment, he stated that he had not been able to move his shoulder this much or with this little pain in 15 years.  Cool!  He then told me of a problem in his thumb.  It was not DeQuervain’s Syndrome (which I treat a lot of), but was a thumb flexor problem.  Since he came such a distance to see me, I treated his thumb.  He was instantly able to move his thumb without pain.

I saw a 50ish year old male for his second treatment on a Rotator Cuff.  I found a little bit of scar tissue, but most of the adhesion was gone after his first treatment — pain that he had suffered with for well over a decade.  He is already scheduled to have his other shoulder fixed next month. 

WEEK OF MAY 2, 2011 

I was treating a young woman today for Piriformis Syndrome.  I had successfully treated one piriformis muscle a few weeks ago, and was in the process of treating her opposite side.  She mentioned that it was her uncle who had ridden his motorcycle from Kansas to have his shoulder treated.  She and her husband told me that at breakfast one day someone asked for the gravy.  They said it was in a big, old “crock” bowl that was extremely heavy (especially when full).  They said that their uncle lifted the gravy bowl out at arm’s length and told them that before the treatment for his Rotator Cuff there was no way he would have been able to do that. 

I saw a middle aged rancher for his second treatment.  He was so excited about what Tissue Remodeling Procedure had done for his chronic neck pain that he wanted his low back treated today.  He is a long-time chiropractic patient who is actually holding adjustments for the first time in his life. 

I had an older woman come in today for an elbow problem (Tendinosis).  She already had experience with our Tissue Remodeling.  After having gone through adjustments, CT scans, MRI’s, specialists, and medications of all sorts for a chronic pain in the neck that she was having, she was essentially “cured” of the chronic neck pain in just one treatment.  Her elbow problem was a biceps tendon problem and she could not produce pain after her treatment today. 

I saw a 13 year old girl today for a shoulder problem.  She had fallen in a goat pen and was having trouble putting her arm behind her.  She was pain free with a full ROM in about 3 minutes. 

I had the privilege of treating a retired combat helicopter pilot today for chronic neck pain.  Twenty years of wearing a heavy helmet, complete with night vision apparatus, had really messed his neck up.  Adjustment and the Tissue Remodeling has made a world of difference! 

I saw a new patient who had recently moved from somewhere else.  He was a regular chiropractic patient for over 20 years and said that the only thing that helped him with his chronic pain was chiropractic adjustments (he was in a severe MVA just before starting chiropractic care).  However, he also told me that the adjustments (particularly for his headaches and chronic neck pain) would not last more than a few hours at the most.  Upon examination, I discovered that his neck moved like a hedge post.  I asked him if he wanted to see a huge change in his neck in the next 10 minutes and of course he said yes.   Within minutes his ROM was increasing dramatically in all directions.  Stay tuned.  

I treated an elderly woman for chronic neck pain (2nd visit).  Not only was there a big change after her first treatment, we could see immediate changes after her second as well.  

I saw a young man today for chronic pain in the front of his hip area.  It had been going on since high school and getting progressively worse.  He felt like he could gain a few minutes relief from “popping” his hip.  But the relief was never long-lasting and soon he would be doing it again.  A person he works with finally told him to go see Dr. Schierling.   His x-ray showed a very tipped spine / pelvis, and I figured there had to be a reason why.  I treated the origin of his left side hip flexors —- brutal scar tissue!  It was a combination of Tendiopathy and Fascial Adhesion.  He was dramatically better when he left the office. 

I saw a middle-aged man who a buddy at work jumped on (goofing around).  He hurt his rib cage and could not cough, breathe, or sneeze without pain.  I know immediately that it was a rib problem.  Adjustment made no immediate difference, so I did a quick check for fascial adhesion.  Bingo.  He had an area of scarring that was about the size of a quarter.  In less than one minute he was pain free. 

I saw a middle aged male who had been suffering with Chronic Pain in his upper front leg near the hip.  He had been unable to sleep for several nites and his condition was getting worse all the time.  Ugly scarring in the origin of his hip flexor muscles (probably a combination of Tendinosis and Fascial Adhesions).

I saw a middle aged woman for a shoulder problem.  She had fallen and wretched her shoulder.  It was better instantly. 

I saw a high school girl who was supposed to compete in district track meet tomorrow in the pole vault.  However, her shoulder (rotator cuff) was hurting her so much that she had not been able to practice for a few days.   After a 5 minute treatment, she could barely reproduce any pain whatsoever.  Good Luck tomorrow!

I saw a young woman for the first time today.  She has been dealing with chronic neck pain and headaches non-stop for four years.  Although her cervical ROM was not terribly restricted, she had terrible fascial adhesion in her neck.  Looking forward to seeing her subluxation free and pain free in a short amount of time. 

I saw a middle aged man today for a shoulder problem.  I fixed this same shoulder about three years ago, but he was starting to have problems again.  He was worried that a bone spur was forming.  I worked his shoulder from several angles and found a pattern that I do not see very often.  By the time he left the office, he could not reproduce pain! 

I saw Gale Hawkins today (name used by permission).  Please read her testimonial.  She had suffered with Chronic Pain in her hip / buttock for well over two decades.  On the recommendation of her husband (shoulder problem), she decided a couple of years ago to try the Tissue Remodeling Treatment that I do.  She was suffering with Piriformis Syndrome, and the side opposite the one that I fixed previously was giving her grief.  Instantly better!  Anyone in the Summersville area who has questions about this treatment for chronic Piriformis Syndrome —- drop by the bank and talk with Gale. She is happy to share her experience with you.  Thanks Gale! 

My family and I went to Springfield today for the SHEM Homeschool Conference.  I met with a couple from Atlanta who had stayed at our home while on a build for a church (Builders for Christ).  During their stay, I had the privilege of fixing a chronic shoulder for her.  They were on a business trip and I met with them and was able to fix both of their shoulders.  

WEEK OF MAY 9, 2011 

We had a Pediatric Anesthesiologist from the St Louis area call today to refer a rotator cuff patient to us.  I did not ask Tracy when this person is making the 3.5 hr drive down here. 

I treated a middle aged woman today for her fourth visit (a combination of neck problems, numb hands, and chronic buttock pain).  In her words she is 85% better than she has been over the past few years — and she had been everywhere. 

An older middle aged woman came in with chronic neck pain.  She had recently moved to the area and tried a different chiropractor and had poor results.   Her ROM was dramatically increased and she could not reproduce pain —- after her first treatment. 

I had another middle aged female patient come in with chronic neck pain.  She had been in multiple MVA’s – the first of which was when she was 5 years old and the last of which was two years ago.  She was having numb hands, neck pain, and headaches; all of which were either gone or dramatically improved when she left the office. 

I treated a long time female patient who coughed so hard she had put ribs out.  For those of you who do not know, rib pain can make a person think they are dying.  She had terrible congestion and coughed so hard for one week that she thought she had coughed her ribs out.  She had actually torn the connective tissue between a couple of her ribs.  After working on the ribs, she could cough easier (not pain free, but greatly improved). 

I saw a young woman who has been suffering with regular headaches since grade school (she had tried chiropractic before with basically no results).  She had brutal scarring of the fascia in her neck and upper back.  Her headache was gone before I even adjusted her. 

I treated a middle aged man today who had been suffering with neck pain, dizziness, and headaches for the past several weeks.  I had adjusted him a couple of times and it did not help his symptoms at all.    He is a big, thick guy, with a neck like a bull.  After breaking the fascial adhesions in his neck, his ROM increased and his symptoms dramatically decreased — instantly. 

The young man that I treated last week with torqued pelvis and tendonosis of his hip flexors, is between a third to half better (a problem he has been dealing with for around five years).   The pain had moved to the SI and Piriformis region.  I checked him for Piriformis Scarring and it was terrible (he saw great improvement immediately).  Stay tuned — I see him again in two weeks. 

I saw a geriatric patient today for a rotator cuff problem.  She went from poor ROM to 100% ROM and being unable to reproduce pain — instantly. It worked so well that her husband who was with her, made an appointment on the spot to have his neck worked on

I treated a high school athlete for a shoulder problem (biceps tendinosis).  It was her second treatment — good results. 

I saw an older middle aged patient today for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  He is a patient who has had great results with Tissue Remodeling Treatment for both chronic neck pain and rotator cuff (he is on our Testimonial Page).  He owns his own business and not only does not want to have surgery, but cannot afford to take time off for the healing process and rehab (even though doctors recommended surgery to him years ago).  His Carpal Tunnel symptoms were much better immediately.

I had a 60ish female patient from Dallas come in last year for Chronic Neck Pain and Headaches.  She had spent the last 30 plus years all but debilitated with Chronic Pain.  I saw her twice one year ago and had not heard from her since.  She came in yesterday for a Tissue Remodeling Treatment and adjustment.  Of course I asked her how she had done.  She said that she had not had a single headache that made her throw up, and overall is about 90% better. 

I saw an older middle aged man whose relative had bought him a gift certificate for Tissue Remodeling.  He had struggled with pain at T5 and been through tons of therapy.  He was sick of paying $300 a visit for something that was not really helping.  I broke tissue and adjusted him.  He said that his back had never adjusted that well before.  I explained how Fascial Adhesions were restricting him 24 – 7 – 365. 

A young woman came in today with Wrist Extensor Tendinosis.  She not only had a Bible Cyst, but a tendinopathy.  Her pain was relieved immediately. 

I had a young woman come in with shoulder pain that was severe enough to prevent working.  she had hurt it a few days earlier and her mother did not want her to start the Medical Merry-go-Round.  After a 3-4 minute treatment, she could not reproduce pain. 

The young woman that I saw last week with a long time history of chronic headaches and neck pain —- she has not had either all week.  She is ecstatic, particularly in light of the fact that she had an especially hectic and stressful week.  Her Fascial Adhesion was dramatically less during this treatment, and her neck was not nearly as locked up. 

I saw a gentleman today with chronic pain in the middle of his back. He had a patch of scar tissue about the size of a silver dollar.  No immediate improvement.  We’ll see what happens when I see him next week. 

I had a 60ish year old gentleman come in with a history of elbow tendinitis (tendinosis).  He has been struggling with this for quite some time, and had received “platelet injection therapy” (no help) as well as corticosteroid injections.  He had brutal Lateral Epicondylitis and immediately after treatment was able to grip with about double the power that he came in with. 

I saw an older middle aged woman for her second treatment with a shoulder problem.  She was much better after her first visit (several months ago), and could not reproduce pain after this visit.

I saw an extremely fit middle aged female athlete with a shoulder problem (over the years, I have fixed various muscle and tendon problems for her).  Her shoulder was about 80-90% better, immediately post-treatment.

WEEK OF MAY 16th, 2011 

I saw a young woman for the third time with what I initially believed to be a Piriformis Syndrome.  She would improve for a while, and then struggle with her problem.  She had developed this pain while hiking the Appalachian Trail last year, and after running some checks and talking with her a bit more, I decided to try something just a bit different.  I discovered that she had a problem with her Tensor Facia Lata without any of the typical or “classic” signs or symptoms of ITB Syndrome.  I will call this week to find out how she did.  

I saw an older middle aged gentleman for his third visit for a hip flexor problem due to a major surgery that was done about 45 years ago.  His ROM is almost ridiculous compared to what it was, and he is having much less day-to-day pain.  However, his pain moved up a bit.  I found major scarring in his Abdominal Muscles (which are technically hip flexors).  It is truly exciting to watch the improvement that removing nearly half a decade worth of scar tissue will create. 

I saw a an older gentleman who had been struggling with chronic neck and upper back pain for many years.  He had a palm-sized area of severe scarring right where a great deal of his pain was originating.  I also broke Fascial Adhesions in his neck. 

I saw a middle aged woman (2nd visit) for chronic neck and upper back pain.  She is dramatically better.  The Fascial Scarring in her neck was absolutely amazing.  She told me that her bruising brought on some “interesting” looks. 

I treated an older female for a chronic tendinosis of her groin.  She decided to do in on the advice of her daughter whose chronic headaches were helped by breaking the Fascial Adhesions in her neck.  She has dealt with this pain for so long that she said it would be a miracle of God if I could help her.  The scarring was flat out ugly!  She will call in a couple of days to let us know. 

I treated a middle aged gentleman for a Rotator Cuff Tendinosis and accompanying Fascial Adhesion that has been going on for several months.  Huge change immediately! 

I treated an adolescent male who had been struggling with shoulder pain since a drywall job he did about 2-3 months ago.  His problem was Fascial Adhesions in the Rotator Cuff.  Immediately he could not reproduce pain. 

I saw a young man who has been dealing with severe chronic low back pain (non-disc) for several years.  His wife prayed, Googled “Scar Tissue“, and there we were.  She realized that they were less than a two hour drive from us.  He had had a Pilonidal Cyst that was removed years earlier.  We will know after one treatment if our “Scar Tissue Remodeling Treatment” can help him or not.  

I saw a couple of middle aged women for Plantar Fasciitis and Chronic Neck Pain respectively.  Both are better (the neck dramatically so).  The woman with the foot issue has a ridiculously high arch, and is getting some custom orthotics made to deal with that.


WEEK OF MAY 23, 2011 

We started out the week with a bang!  The young man with a Piriformis Syndrome / Hip Flexor problem is making some headway (tricky case).  His third treatment today is, I am convinced, going to make a big difference.  Stick around.  He works out of the area and I will find out in a month. 

I saw an older gentleman for Chronic Neck Pain.  He was refered in on the advice of his daughter on whom we fixed an old water skiing injury that was also causing Chronic Neck Pain.  His ROM increased immediately. 

I gave a second treatment to an older gentleman who had been living with Chronic Neck Pain for years.  He was probably 50% better after his first treatment. 

I gave another “2nd treatment” to an older gentleman who was suffering with Chronic Back and Neck Pain.  His chief complaint was pain on the right side of his mid back.  He suffered a severe head injury 10 years ago, and despite massive quantities of medical treatment and therapy over the course of the last decade, the pain was worsening.  That pain is gone after just one treatment.  We moved up and broke Fascial Adhesions in his neck.  He was dumbfounded at the immediate increase in ROM. 

I gave an older woman her second treatment for a Tendinosis of her groin (10 plus year duration).  She was so good after her first treatment that today she wanted her thumb worked on instead (DeQuervain’s Syndrome). 

Seven years ago, I was able to fix the shoulder of Mary Simpson (name used with permission).  Hers was the usual story — years of suffering and tons of expensive tests and treatments, all while getting progressively worse.  She came back today to have her shoulder worked on again.  It was instantly better and she could not reproduce pain. 

I saw a middle aged female runner for her second visit for Piriformis Syndrome (with possibly a touch of Hamstring Tendinosis thrown in for good measure).  She has done very well with the Tissue Remodeling Treatment

I saw an older female who has been suffering with Chronic Neck Pain and stiffness.  She had terrible degeneration in her neck, caused by four decades of Post-MVA Fascial Adhesions (Whiplash).  She was dumbfounded that she could immediately look over her shoulder, which she had not been able to do for years.  

I saw a middle aged female for her second visit with Piriformis Syndrome.  The first treatment was given late last year and helped her a bunch. 

I saw a middle aged female today for her first Tissue Remodeling Treatment.  She was in a serious MVA, where the other person pulled out in front of her on the highway.  She has been suffering with Chronic Neck Pain, and after reading our website, decided that she needed to be checked for Fascial Adhesions.  Her picture will be up on our Bruising and Picture Page in a couple of days.  Oh, and one more thing.  Her neck felt better after one treatment than it had felt in years (I had been adjusting her and it was not holding well). 

I saw the young lady on our Bruising and Picture Page for her second treatment.  She was involved in a serious MVA over a year ago.  Although she had been through lots of diagnostic tests, months of therapy, and lots of suffering; she reported that her Chronic Neck Pain was 50% better after her first treatment. 

I treated a middle aged truck driver for Chronic Neck Pain.  He had been treated about 3 years ago, and can tell that several old MVA’s and years of heavy hard work are catching up with him. 

I saw a young truck driver who has suffered with Chronic Pain between his shoulder blades ever since he was in an MVA (semi) 3 years ago.  Nothing he has done (and he has done a lot) has made a lick of difference in his pain.  I found incredible amounts of microscopic scarring and Fascial Adhesions throughout his back — instant relief! 

I treated a pastor who is in his mid 80′s for Chronic Neck Pain.  I had successfully treated him with the Tissue Remodeling Treatment several years ago, but he felt like it was time to do another.  I wish I had a pre and post-treatment video of the increase in his ROM. 

I had a middle aged man drive over from Illinois for a chronic Hip Flexor Tendinosis.  Ugly scarring, Fascial Adhesions, and Tendinosis, at the ASIS. If he will do his stretches, he should improve greatly after one treatment.  I have successfully treated one of his sons for chronic Shin Splints and a daughter for Fascial Adhesions sustained in a severe MVA.

I saw a middle aged male for a Rotator Cuff problem.  I had fixed his other shoulder about 4-5 years ago, and this one was starting to do the same thing.  His ROM tripled in 5 minutes. 

I saw an older middle aged woman whom I had been treating for a hip problem.  She was dramatically better after several adjustments, but was still having trouble with pain and restriction across her lower abdomen (although she has children, no history of C-section).  She had Fascial Adhesions.  I should know in a few days how much it helped. 

WEEK OF JUNE 1, 2011 (Shortened because of Memorial Day) 

Today I saw a long-time middle aged male patient who had been butted in the head by a steer a couple of months ago.  Two previous adjustments had made no real difference, and he could not turn his head properly.  I checked his neck for Fascial Adhesions.  His ROM increased immediately and he could not reproduce pain. 

Unfortunately, the young woman that I treated from the St Louis area had a Trigger Point problem.  I was suspicious of this at first but she wanted to try a treatment.  Triggers will sometimes respond to the Tissue Remodeling Treatment, but most of the time, not too well. 

I saw a middle aged woman with bilateral Achilles Tendinosis.  Instant improvement after treatment with Tissue Remodeling

The older woman that I treated for her chronic (15 years or more) Groin Tendinosis was 95% better after just one treatment.  I treated the groin again today and told her it was fixed.  She is doing things she has not done in years. 

I treated a case of bilateral DeQuervain’s Syndrome today.  Instant improvement. 

I saw a woman whom I treated for a chronic Rotator Cuff Tendinosis several years ago.  Before she saw me back then, she had been through thousands of dollars worth of tests and therapy.  Nothing helped, including chiropractic.  She drove from Springfield on the advice of one of her friends and in one treatment was dramatically improved.  The second treatment fixed her.  She is starting to have a few problems again and wanted to nip it in the bud.  I found some Fascial Adhesions this time as opposed to Tendinosis.  She had full ROM and no reproducible pain post-treatment. 

After two treatments (and before the third), a middle aged woman told me that on a day to day basis she has about 75% less Chronic Neck Pain than she had for years.  After this third treatment it should be more like 90% less. 

One of my teenage Amish patients had injured his shoulder in their sawmill.  Not a good thing because hay season is here.  His father had told him that adjustment would not help the shoulder.  I agreed and began checking him for Fascial Adhesions.  He had injured his Supraspinatus Muscle / Tendon (Rotator Cuff), and could not reproduce pain post-treatment.  His ROM was 100% as well.  I told his father to be easy on him in the hay for a couple of days.  We’ll see. 

I treated a middle aged man who had been helping with the Joplin Tornado clean up.  He injured his shoulder, and was having a rough time moving it through normal ROM.  One treatment and he full ROM without being able to reproduce pain. 

I treated a middle aged man who has suffered with chronic pain between the shoulders for over five years.  He was very sore later in the day.  Stick around for updates.

I saw Pastor Larry Tubbs today (name used by permission) for his second treatment for a chronic Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow).  Although he had been through several different kinds of treatment for this (including Platelet Transfusion Therapy), he was 100% better after just one treatment.  I expected to treat his elbow, but he wanted his upper back and neck treated instead.  He has been in several MVA over the years, and it has taken its toll.  Although he has been a long-time Chiropractic patient, he was dramatically better immediately after his first treatment. 

I treated a young woman today (second visit) for a volley ball injury sustained over 5 years ago.  She suffered with Chronic Pain between her shoulders, and is amazed at how well the Tissue Remodeling Treatment has worked for her. 

WEEK OF JUNE 6, 2011 

Today, I saw the older gentleman with the Post-Surgical Pain from the removal of a brain tumor 10 years ago (3rd visit).  He is about 90% better! 

I had a young man come in last week for low back pain.  I examined him, x-rayed him, and adjusted him.  Because his neck was extremely restricted, I adjusted it also.  He complained that any time a chiropractor adjusted his neck, he had severe locking and pain for at least two or three days.  I had checked his brother for Fascial Adhesions between his shoulders last week, and he wanted his neck checked today.  His ROM and pain levels were about 80% better immediately post-treatment.  

I released a middle aged woman from care due to injuries she received in a severe MVA.  She is better than when she started (she had some Chronic Neck Pain previously).  She is more than thrilled.

I just received news that our adoption (two young sisters from Ethiopia) is going to court.  Our court date is July 11th, but we have to be there several days early.  Any work on the site will slow to a crawl and this column will slow down or stop until further notice. 

The professional piano player / video editor that I treated 10 days ago with Chronic Neck and Upper Back Pain is 80% better on a day to day basis.  Still a lot of scar tissue, but the headaches are all but gone, the upper back pain is dramatically improved, and the low back pain is practically gone.  The problem was Fascial Adhesions in the upper back and neck. 

I saw a retired teacher today for Chronic Neck and Upper Back Pain.  she has been a patient for nearly twenty years, and has had several Tissue Remodeling Treatments over the years with very good results.

I saw a middle aged female runner today with bilateral Hamstring Tendinosis.  Her pain was in the bottom of her butt.  She had tendinosed both hamstrings where they attach to the ischial tuberosities.  I told her after treatment (she could not reproduce pain immediately post-treatment) that because the problem was bilateral, it had to do with the shoes she was wearing to run in. 

I saw a 15 year old female athlete with a two year history of Chronic Headaches.  Her headaches had gotten to the point where she had one every waking moment of her life. She had been through the usual medical rigamarole — lots of tests, brain scans, etc. I checked her for Fascial Adhesions, and bam; she was loaded.  I broke them up, adjusted her, and then sent her home to stretch.  We will see next week how well she did. 

I saw two women and a young man with Piriformis Syndrome today.  The man’s problem was actually Fascial Adhesions in the “hip” area (mostly his TFL) caused by an old motorcycle accident. 

I saw a young woman today with a sore knee.  I had used the Tissue Remodeling Treatment to fix her knee back when she was in high school (5-6 years ago).  She was worried that she had done something really bad this time but wanted it checked out here before going for an orthopedic consult.  The pain was instantly gone.  As an interesting side note, she referred several people in, and because of this, I ended up treating a woman from Springfield for Rotator Cuff problems.  You can read Betty Volner’s testimonial here

I saw two older middle-aged men who have driven heavy equipment for a living.  Both had Chronic Neck Pain.  Both responded well to Tissue Remodeling Treatment & adjustments. 

I had a middle aged truck driver come in for Chronic Neck Pain and Headaches.  His cousin (same problem — fixed a year or so ago) had been treated, and he wanted to get better also.  He had been in a serious MVA about 15 years ago that killed multiple people in his vehicle and left him with serious injuries (another vehicle ran over the back of his).  His ROM was about as close to zero as one can get and still have some sort of function.  He had been to chiros and doctors, and no one had been able to help him.  His first Tissue Remodeling Treatment left him with a cervical ROM that was about 2/3 normal.  His headache was gone immediately. 

I released the woman in her 70′s after her third treatment.  Not only is she pain free for the first time in years (Chronic Neck Pain), but she can move her head with virtually full ROM (she had almost zero movement when she first came in a few weeks ago, and had been told years ago that it was DJD and nothing could be done about it).  She is thrilled to say the least! 

I treated a middle aged female for Piriformis Syndrome.  Her pain was better immediately.

I saw a high school volleyball player.  She has struggled for over a year with shoulder problems.  Three MRI’s, one set of x-rays, lots of PT, and several ortho / neuro consults later, no one can tell her what was wrong.  I examined her and told her mom that her problem was Fascial Adhesion of the front shoulder (not a Rotator Cuff problem).  She was essentially pain free with almost 100% ROM — instantly! 

I treated a middle-aged female RN for what seemed to be a combination between Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and DeQuervain’s Syndrome.  She had about 50% improvement immediately. 

I treated a 40 year old extreme athlete for an Elbow Tendinosis (Extensor).  He is always coming in with one thing or another, and has had tremendous results with a variety of problems, including his original problem — a shoulder problem he thought that he was going to have to take to his grave. 

WEEK OF JUNE 20, 2011

I treated a young massage therapist for a shoulder problem.  He specializes in deep tissue work that is hard on his shoulders. 

I saw a middle aged female for chronic lower back, hip / buttock pain.  Instant change.  I have been telling her for three years that her problem is being cause by Fascial Adhesions (Piriformis Syndrome) and not disc-related. 

I saw a young mother today who has dealt with Chronic Neck Pain for the past decade.  Immediately post-treatment, she could move freely without being able to reproduce pain.  She was a long-time chiropractic patient. 

I saw a middle aged woman who had been fighting an Elbow Tendinosis for about six weeks.  She had been to the doctor to no avail.  As she left the office, she was muttering to herself, “I can’t believe this” over and over. 

I gave a teen-aged athlete her second treatment for Chronic Neck Pain and Headaches.  She was 50% better when I saw her today.  Remember, this was a girl that had been fighting this thing medically (big bucks) for two years. 

I treated a young mother for pain between the shoulders.  When I first saw her about 5 years ago (right after she had moved here), she came to me and told me that she was a regular chiro patient because a bicycle wreck several years previous had left her with Chronic Neck Pain.  She simply does not have that kind of pain anymore. 

I saw a young woman today who has absolutely been suffering with Piriformis Syndrome with sciatica for the past year. Ugly scarring! 

I treated an older rancher for scar tissue and Fascial Adhesions in his neck.  He has had outstanding results, considering he had been on the Medical-Merry-Go-Round prior to finding our clinic about three years ago. His Chronic Neck Pain is gone.

I saw a middle aged truck driver today for Chronic Neck Pain.  He has been a long term patient and always complains of the exact same thing.  Although he has declined the Tissue Remodeling Treatment to this point, his wife was with him and talked him in to it.  The results were not only amazing, they were instant.  He had some ugly scar tissue and will do his Stretches while on the road. 

I saw an older woman today with both Chronic Neck Pain and severe Degeneration of her neck.  She barely had any ROM when I examined her.  I broke the Fascial Adhesions in her neck and upper traps, and the results were immediate.  Her ROM increased by 50% and her pain was cut in half — immediately. 

I saw the nurse again that I had treated with the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome / Wrist Flexor Tendinosis / DeQuervain’s Syndrome combo.  She was 50% better — before I started her second treatment!  I was able to really break up some scarring today.  Needless to say, she is incredibly excited that she can write again without pain. 

WEEK OF JUNE 27, 2011

I saw a highschool student who severely hurt his back a week ago while hanging on a basketball goal after a dunk (Pulled Muscles).  He could not move or breathe and the adjustment brought no relief whatsoever.  I did Tissue Remodeling work and his pain was 75% better immediately. 

I treated a middle aged woman who had a combination of Illiotibial Band Syndrome and Piriformis Syndrome.  Ugly stuff that was causing serious sciatica.  We’ll see next week how she did. 

I had a young bodybuilder (ex-Marine) come see me for pain and unleveling in his shoulder and upper back (one shoulder was much higher than the other).  His wife had been noticing for a long time that the problem was progressing.  I thought I could help him, and had the shoulder levels balanced out in less than 3 minutes. 

I treated an ex-Navy pilot today for Fascial Adhesions.  The helmet that he wore for over 20 years was extremely heavy and is a known cause of Chronic Neck Pain in that population.  I have treated him several times and each time he is a little better. 

I saw one of my favorite Old-Timers today complaining of Chronic Neck Pain.  He wanted an X-ray, so we took one.  The degeneration was terrible.  Several areas that were bone on bone.  I gave him a Tissue Remodeling Treatment that normalized his ROM and relieved his pain — instantly. 

I saw a patient today that I have given several Tissue Remodeling Treatments over the past several years.  When she came to me the first time (4 years ago) she had been on a 3x / week chiropractic treatment schedule for approximately 5 years.   Although it was the only thing that would bring her any relief, she still carried a Migraine Headache 24-7-365.  She now has about 1-2 migraines a year (see her picture on our Bruising and Pictures Page. 

I had a new patient come in with an ugly pain in his mid back from an injury that happened a week ago.  He works as a mechanic / hauler at one of our local canoe rentals, and needless to say, his job was literally killing him.  I examined him and found scar tissue.  I broke the tissue up and had him move around.  He was immediately better.  After adjusting him, he was much better still. 

The young beautician that I treated last week for Piriformis Syndrome (over 2 years worth) — she is about 90% better after her first treatment!  She is psyched to work and function without pain. 

I saw a new patient who had dealt with a shoulder problem for about a year.  I am not quite sure what is going on — no immediate change whatsoever after treatment. 

I treated a young lady who has suffered with Chronic Migraines.  She is dramatically better after a couple of previous treatments. 

The nurse that I treated for Chronic SI pain / Piriformis Syndrome a couple of weeks ago —- she’s literally 100% out of pain after her first treatment.  Her problem has gone on for years.  She has a high arch and Plantar Fasciitis as well that will have to be dealt with. 

I saw a middle aged woman who has been struggling with Plantar Fasciitis for a long time.  Instant relief after immediately after her first treatment. 

I gave a second treatment to the 15 year old volleyball player who had been through 3 MRI’s, months of therapy, orthopedic visits, etc, etc, for her second treatment for a shoulder problem.  She was literally 100% pain-free with normal ROM.  She has actually been playing volleyball for the first time in months. 

I gave an older gentleman a treatment for Piriformis Syndrome that he has been dealing with since he was twenty years old.  I am very optimistic. 

I saw a middle aged woman for Chronic Forearm Tendinosis.  I gave a second treatment to an older woman who has suffered with Chronic Neck Pain.  She is dramatically better after her first treatment.

A young man and his wife drove down from Minneapolis last evening (15 hours) and I treated him this morning.  He had terrible Fascial Adhesions that were causing Piriformis Syndrome.  He was much improved after treatment.  However, his arches are so absurdly high that he will continue to have problems unless he visits Shawn Eno (Xtreme Footwerks) in Idaho Springs.  Shawn is the only person I am aware of who specializes in orthotics for people with extremely high arches.

WEEK OF JULY 10, 2011

Sorry, no time to keep up with this.  But you get the idea.  We are helping people with problems just like yours all week every week. 

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