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what’s for breakfast? cereal, toast, juice —- and a triple shot of insulin!


Breakfast Pancake


To answer the question raised in the title; of course it is!  Everyone knows that breakfast is the single most important meal of the day. It is not a cliche. This is hard reality — fact, based on decades of scientific research. Or is it?  A recent trend that has plenty of peer-reviewed research to back it up is something called INTERMITTENT FASTING, which usually, but not always, involves skipping breakfast.  What I want you to realize that what you eat for breakfast is far more important than whether you choose to eat breakfast or not.  Unfortunately most people (yes, especially children eating government-school breakfasts) are not getting enough protein or vegetables.  What are they eating? They are eating tons of heavily processed junk carbs — mostly from heavily processed grains — most of which are full of GLUTEN

And let’s not forget that “healthy” ORANGE JUICE.  If someone is either DIABETIC or HYPOGLYCEMIC and they start to “bonk” (their blood sugar drops too low), what are they given to rapidly raise their blood sugar?  That’s correct.  The food of choice for quickly raising blood sugar is Orange Juice.  This is because most Orange Juice is extremely high on a Glycemic Index.  If you are interested in LOSING WEIGHT or just making sure that your children are healthy (and do not end up OBESE), please take a few minutes to learn about what it takes to CONTROL INSULIN.  Your life could depend on this information!  If you really want to start your day with a healthy breakfast, at least think about going PALEO.


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