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bone building drugs cause fractures!


Osteoporosis Cure

Micha L. Rieser

Why do doctors do bone density tests?  There’s really only one reason —- to sell more prescriptions for bone-building drugs (Boniva, Evista, Fosomax, Reclast, Actonel, etc).  We have been warning people about the results of taking these drugs for years, and as the studies continue to hit the medical journals, I actually feel somewhat prophetic.  This blog article is taken from an office handout that I have been giving to my female patients for well over a decade —– before all of this hubbub hit the newswires.  Proof that the Pharmaceutical Industry knew the same thing that I and others have known —- for a very long time!  Yet another example of EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE in action.

Osteoporosis is in the news and it is something that no woman (or man) wants to be diagnosed with. Your doctor ran you through a bone density test and then wrote you a prescription for one of the so-called “bone-building” drugs.  Are you aware that both the television ads for Fosomax as well as their “trust us” package insert do not say that this drug decreases your chance of fracture?  This group of drugs also has a significant number of serious side-effects (the most common have to do with your digestive system — Fosomax has recently been shown to double your chances of esophageal cancer as well). Let me explain how Big Pharma has knowingly pulled the wool over peoples eyes by giving them drugs capable of increasing bone density without decreasing their incidence of broken bones.

Bone is a dynamic, living, and constantly changing, tissue. Under ideal conditions, old, brittle, and worn out bone is constantly being broken down by your body (cells called OSTEOCLASTS do this).   It is then recycled and replaced with new, strong, and healthy bone that is neither too hard / brittle nor too soft / flexible (cells called OSTEOBLASTS do this). Due to many factors (numbers one and two being a lack of proper weight-bearing exercise, and lack of real nutrition) the bones loose their density / strength and can become exceedingly weak and brittle.

The drugs that doctors prescribe to increase bone density do just that — they increase bone density.  But they do this in a fraudulently deceptive manner. These drugs all INHIBIT osteoclastic activity.  In other words they increase bone density by preventing the breaking down and recycling of old and worn out bone. This means that although bone density increases on your DEXA Scan, the bone is not the quality of bone that it should be. The real kick in the teeth, however, is that studies have proven that drugs which inhibit the break down of old, brittle, bone (osteoclastic activity), AUTOMATICALLY inhibit the building and regeneration of new bone (osteoblastic activity). To put it simply —- osteoporosis drugs increase bone density by not allowing your old brittle bone to be broken down and recycled —– which automatically decreases the building of new, healthy bone. So, you ask, If these drugs are not good for me, what in the world should I do?

  • First of all, do not simply take our word for this. Do your own research, and then talk with your doctor.  Just don’t be surprised if they are less than truthful with you. 

  • Secondly, there are simple do’s and dont’s associated with preventing or reversing osteoporosis. Be aware that there are dozens of studies that say that the number one way to prevent bone loss and build strong, healthy bones is weight-bearing exercise (walking does not count). This means you must LIFT WEIGHTS or do resistance training of some sort. Take a few minutes to read all of our posts on OSTEOPOROSIS to get a better handle on this bullet point, as well as the fact a big factor in developing osteoporosis is taking anti-depressants or certain other medications.

  • Thirdly, watch your diet. If you are drinking soda pop of any kind or eating lots of sugar or starch, you are asking for osteoporosis. Read our Acid -vs- Alkali page (found inside the link) to learn why.  This might be a good chance to mention the relationship between BELLY FAT and Osteoporosis.

  • Fourthly, simply drinking more milk and taking cheap / poor quality calcium supplements (like TUMS) is not going to help (IT WILL ACTUALLY KILL YOU). Maintaining a very strong stomach acid (low pH) is critical for the absorption of all minerals including calcium.  TUMS decreases stomach acidity, and is actually known to cause osteoporosis via this mechanism (they also help lead to H. PYLORI INFECTIONS).  We carry an inexpensive cold-processed bone meal supplement called CALCIFOOD.  Incredible stuff for healing broken bones or reversing osteoporosis!  Any protocol for dealing with osteoporosis (whether the person decides to take the drugs or not) must contain a raw bonemeal supplement, and the only one that I know of is made by Standard Process.  By the way, If your calcium supplement is made from ROCKS OR SHELLS (calcium carbonate), I can already tell you that it is of a poor quality without knowing anything else about it.

  • Lastly, check out the studies (HERE) concerning increased bone density and Whole Body Vibration Therapy.  WBV is a great way to increase bone density for those who find it too difficult to lift weights or do other forms of weight-bearing exercise.  

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