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why do i have chronic sinus problems?

Compared to placebo, amoxicillin doesn’t seem to provide any benefits.From St Louis’s Washington University School of Medicine, as published in the February 2012 issue of JAMA.   “Treatment guidelines generally support that a 10–14-day antibiotic regimen should be administered to uncomplicated acute bacterial sinusitis patients. However, the level of evidence for such a recommendation is rather weak.”  From the September 2008 issue of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

A couple days ago I saw a patient whom I helped with a number of different health problems, including a severe and unrelenting case of ELBOW TENDINOSIS.   A number of months ago, he had wanted to know how to go about LOSING SOME WEIGHT and getting healthier in the process.  As always, I suggested eating a diet based on WHOLE FOODS.    While on vacation earlier in the year, he started reading IT STARTS WITH FOOD (it has an average 5-star rating from its 537 reviewers on Amazon), and was so intrigued by the concepts that he started following its principles halfway through his vacation.

As of Friday, he and his wife had lost a combined 50 or 60 pounds over the past few months, but that is not what he was most excited about.  By eating no processed foods and cutting out SUGAR AND JUNK CARBS from his diet (including high glycemic fruits), this person totally and 100% cleared up a decades-long case of sinus congestion.  That’s right; a case of chronic sinus congestion that had become so severe that his inability to breathe had actually left him claustrophobic was now completely gone.


Sinuses are cavities in the body, or in our specific discussion, SKULL, that are interconnected to each other.  Their purpose is two-fold.  Firstly, they add moisture to the air that we breathe (at rest, you should be breathing primarily through your nose), and they amplify sound, making hearing easier and clearer.   The sinuses are listed below and seen in the picture above.

  • The largest is the Maxillary Sinus, which is found below the eyes (dark green).
  • The Frontal Sinuses (pink) is found just above the medial portion of the eyes.
  • The Ethmoid and Sphenod Sinus are found in the area of the nose (purple and yellow). 
  • There is also a large sinus at the area of the Mastoid Process (lighter green).


There are two chief issues that we will discuss today concerning why people become congested.  You have probably heard the term Sinusitis before (sometimes referred to as “Chronic Sinusitis”).  The name indicates an INFLAMMATION (itis) of the mucous lining of the sinus.  In order to understand this problem better, you’ll need to understand what Inflammation is by clicking on the link.  Although most people think they know, the majority truly have not idea what it is or what causes it.  It is critical to find out what is driving the inflammatory process in your body if you want any chance of defeating them. 

Secondly, I want to discuss Sinus Infections.  Sinus Infections cause an increased production of mucous from the mucous membranes that make up the lining of the sinus cavities.  Between the swelling of these membranes (remember that Inflammation causes swelling), and the increased production of mucous, it can become difficult or even impossible to breathe thru your nose.  This begs the question, how would you know you have an infection or inflammation, and does it really matter (HERE)?

According to an article called Upper Respiratory Infections, found in a 2010 issue of The American Journal of Medicine, there are about 24 million cases of bacterial Sinus Infections each year in the US, and are a primary reason doctors prescribe Antibiotics (about 20% of the antibiotics prescribed in America are for sinuses).  If you go to the doctor with a sinus problem, you will be treated with Antibiotics. But should doctors be prescribing Antibiotics for UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTIONS?   It should be becoming obvious to you that they should not — especially in light of conflicting information — one of the main problems with EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE

According to a recent report by the Infectious Diseases Society of America, less than 10% (and maybe as little as 2%) of the Sinus Infections in America are bacterial.  Most — the vast majority — are viral. But the problem is that if you go to your doctor, they will almost certainly treat you with Antibiotics.  If you value your family’s health, it is imperative to understand why Antibiotics put so many people into a health-tailspin (HERE); even people who think they haven’t taken many.

It’s real simple. 80% of your body’s Immune System is found in the Gut — mostly in the form of bacteria (GUT HEALTH).  Antibiotics kill bacteria — all bacteria, and especially the good ones.  I will not belabor this point, but suffice it to say that ANTIBIOTICS are one of the top three biggest destroyers of health in the US because they are Immune System destroyers instead of the Immune System boosters they are made out to be (HERE).  Once you start taking them, it far more likely that you will end up in a vicious cycle of illness —–> antibiotics —–> weakened immune system ——> antibiotcs ——> repeat.


This is the section where I could suggest Netti Pots, nutritional supplements like CONGAPLEX, CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS, etc, etc, etc.  Although these things and others help many people, I want to give you my number one way to stop Chronic Sinus Congestion dead in its tracks.  You need to go Low Carb.  I cannot tell you the numbers of patients whom over the years went on LOW CARB DIETS for their weight, and in the process, fixed their chronic sinus problems.  Forget the expensive tests and DANGEROUS DRUGS.  Try this simple little trick first.  You wouldn’t start with antibiotics for your child’s ear infections (HERE) would you?   So why would you start with antibiotics for a sinus ‘infection’?

If you go back to previous posts, you’ll see that I have written extensively about UNCONTROLLED BLOOD SUGAR’S relationship to almost every health condition you can imagine — even in the absence of DIABETES.  Once you realize that sugar and high glycemic carbs feed infections (HERE and HERE), you’ll begin to grasp how important this step really is in solving chronic sinus problems.

In just a matter of a few days after my patient went off processed foods and cut the sugar and starchy carbs from his diet, he could breathe normally again — for the first time in 25 or thirty years.  Like all other matters of health, it really is up to you.  Would you rather eat the junk and continually struggle with sinus and other health issues?  Or would you rather eat a clean healthy diet devoid of junk, and enjoy life to the fullest? 


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