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why don’t most chiropractors / doctors get the kind of results they were getting seventy years ago?


Ineffective Medicine

Even though the majority of politicians are devoid of it, I love the way that they throw around the term “common sense” when stumping for their latest pet legislation. How much common sense is there in the field of medicine today?  Less than you might think.  Just take a look at today’s health stats.  Despite spending more money than anyone else on the planet for healthcare, our national health is in the toilet. In fact, I’ve referred to it any number of times as “UNSUSTAINABLE“.  Although the following list is incredibly oversimplified, allow me to give you my thoughts about why it’s getting tougher and tougher for physicians and practitioners of all sorts to get their patients better.

  • THERE USED TO BE RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR PHYSICIAN:  Never kid yourself;  we’ve known for a very long time that the relationship you have with your doctor, good or bad, affects healing. There’s a mountain of research showing that as a patient, simply knowing that your doctor knows you and your family, and actually loves and cares about you can be extremely reassuring and therapeutic.   Think about it — the “family doctor” used to deliver your babies, set broken bones, stitch up cuts, do any number of minor surgeries, and even “adjust” you (all the old time doctors in this neck of the woods were OSTEOPATHS — Doc Wilson in Eminence, Doc O’Banion in Birch Tree, Doc Hampton in Summersville, Doc Meyer in Licking, and Doc Barnum here in Mountain View, among many others).  They not only knew you, but they probably knew your parents and grandparents, not to mention your children and grandchildren.  Thanks to managed care (all physicians in our area work for Cox or Mercy) as well as mountains of moronic paperwork, doctors are both stressed out and burned out — often times before they’ve spent any real time in practice (HERE).  I recently spoke with a family practitioner who charts between 15 minutes and half hour per patient.  How on earth can one spend quality time with patients when you are forced to spend the majority of your time charting (HERE)?
  • THERE WERE FEWER DOCTOR VISITS:  I grew up in very rural Kansas.  We never went to the doctor unless we were sick —- really sick.   In fact, it was rarely sickness that would lead us to the doctor, but broken bones or severe cuts that required stitches (if possible, we duct taped them and went about our business).  Today, the CDC says that Americans make 1.0543 billion doctor visits that are not categorized as hospitalization (a further 7.3% of the population was hospitalized for at least one night).  Some argue that increased numbers of doctor visits and regular examinations are beneficial to one’s health. Unfortunately, these people don’t have a clue (HERE).
  • THERE WERE FEWER DRUGS:  Although drugs like antibiotics have certainly saved countless numbers of lives, the flip side of that coin is that overuse of these same antibiotics is literally decimating our collective health (HERE).  But antibiotics are merely one of numerous classes of drugs that Americans take like candy.  According to the CDC’s website, despite the fact that we have less than 5% of the world’s population, we use about 75% of the world’s prescription and non-prescription drugs (HERE).  This might be OK if it were actually keeping us healthy, but a simple ‘Google Search’ on where America rates compared to the health of other developed nations reveals that we always finish near the bottom of the pack (between 30th and 40th, depending on the year).  Not only do drugs have myriads of known side effects (HERE), they have untold numbers of unknown side effects as well, most of which, ACCORDING TO ANY NUMBER OF STUDIES, are never reported.  And while drugs can certainly keep you alive longer, those extra years are frequently lived out in abject misery (HERE).  Never forget that research has shown that when you factor out infant and child mortality, people actually lived longer 100 years ago than they do now, which leads us to the next bullet.
  • THERE WERE FEWER VACCINES:   Don’t get me wrong.  Vaccines have POSSIBLY / MAYBE helped clean up the landscape as far as acute childhood diseases are concerned (but then again, PROBABLY NOT). What’s important to remember though, is that most of these (CERTAINLY THERE WERE EXCEPTIONS) were diseases that everyone got and then got over, rarely being more problematic than making for an extremely miserable week or two (Measles, Mumps, Chicken Pox, WHOOPING COUGH, etc, etc, etc).  With the advent of our modern DRUG-BASED ERA, we are coming up with vaccines for everything.  Not only are many of these utterly worthless (like THIS ONE), but many have been shown to extremely dangerous (LIKE THIS POPULAR SHOT).  Bottom line, we have traded today’s acute (short term) illnesses for tomorrows (chronic, long term, debilitating) diseases (HERE is a detailed explanation of this phenomenon).  For example; did you know that there is currently a vaccine in the pipeline for high blood pressure (HERE) that works by purposefully creating an autoimmune reaction?   I have said for a long time that vaccines are causing problems via the destruction of one’s microbiome (HERE) — especially scary knowing that blood pressure aside, there are currently over 300 vaccines being prepared to be unleashed on an unsuspecting and largely gullible public (HERE).  
  • THERE WAS LESS INFLAMMATION:   America has been referred to as the “INFLAMMATION NATION“.  When it comes to health, INFLAMMATION is everything.  It is the root of virtually all our health problems — even most of those we have been led to believe are ‘genetic’ (HERE).   Although Inflammation can be driven by any number of things, it is chiefly driven by crappy diets — most specifically SUGAR AND HIGHLY PROCESSED CARBS. Because of our national fascination with LIVING THE HIGH CARB LIFESTYLE, we are dealing with an epidemic of problems that were rare or even unheard of 70 years ago — SUGAR ADDICTION and OBESITY; which is itself an ‘inflammatory” problem.  Think for a moment about what people ate 70 years ago (WWII had just ended).   Food had little or no additives and preservatives, and there was no such thing as GMO.  Soda and candy were rare treats.  Due to canning, most people lived year round out of their gardens.  I could go on ad nauseam, but you get the point.  The result of living less and less like this is Inflammation — Inflammation that always leads to the Scar Tissue that the medical community refers to as Fibrosis (HERE).  This stuff not only causes untold amounts of pain when it gets in your musculoskeletal system, it causes disease and death when it gets into your organs.   Are you inflamed?  It’s easy to find out and doesn’t require expensive or invasive tests.  Just take THIS SIMPLE SELF TEST.  Without addressing Inflammation at its source (not simply trying to cover it up with drugs such as NSAIDS or CORTICOSTEROIDS), improving your health is a pipe dream.
  • THE MEDICAL FIELD WAS MUCH MORE TRUSTWORTHY:   It is certainly not that most of today’s physicians are crooked; it’s just that they work in an increasingly crooked and profit-at-any-cost-and-above-all-else profession. Without beating a dead horse, suffice it to say that huge amounts of the research — maybe the majority of said research — coming from today’s biomedical and pharmaceutical field is tainted by all sorts of serious financial conflicts of interest; thereby rendering it untrustworthy and largely worthless (too bad our politicians don’t grasp this simple concept).   Even though yesteryear’s medical practice may not have been “Evidence-Based” as we think of the term today, industry did not typically view their customer base as walking, breathing, dollar signs.  But OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN, all of this is exactly what we see happening in our modern medical age.  If you want to argue this point with me, fine.  Click the link, start reading article titles, and then we’ll talk.

Fortunately, there are an increasing number of self-motivated people who are taking their lives back (HERE).  The cool thing is that I have created a generic template for many of you to start accomplishing this yourselves —- and it’s totally and 100% free (HERE).  My desire is to give you the GOLD BRICK that will help you return to health.


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