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why don’t we have more video testimonials on our site?


Chronic Pain Video Testimonials

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Right now on OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL, we have over 200 Patient Testimonial Videos up and running, with almost 70,000 views (you can find them all on our website HERE or HERE).  These are simple homemade videos of patients who found relief from Chronic Pain largely via our TISSUE REMODELING method of treatment.  As of November, we will have been doing Video Testimonials for two years. 

Earlier this week I had a patient ask me why, in that amount of time, I did not have more of these videos.  This is a rather easy one to answer.  Only about 1 in 5, or maybe 1 in 4 people who we ask to do a video for us, ever actually do one.  And of those that do a video for us, some never make it to the big screen.   Bear in mind, I do not edit these videos — ever.  What you see is what you get.  I do not want to be accused of trying to make these videos look like something they aren’t.  Here are a few of the reasons why we don’t have more videos up than we do.

  • SWEARING:  I’m not exactly what you would call a prude, but when my patients do a video for the public, if you are dropping F-Bombs, G.D’s, or who-knows-what else, these are not going to make it to prime time.  I have had some incredible stories from patients who simply can’t remember not to swear for 90 seconds.  Since we don’t ever edit these videos, they are unusable. 
  • WE DO NOT HAVE TIME:  There are times when doing a video is simple.  However, much of the time, Cheryl is too busy to be able to take the 5 minutes it takes to do a video.  This is either the number one or number two reason we don’t have more than we currently do.
  • SOME PEOPLE ARE EXTREME MINIMIZERS:  Last year sometime, I had a gentleman come from out of state to see me for PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME that he had been dealing with all his life thanks to a brutal childhood illness.  The thing he wanted to know was why so many of our patients didn’t sound more excited about the awesome results they had in our clinic?  The answer to this question can be found in the final bullet point on the list.  We also run into those people who, like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, had his arms and legs all lopped off in a battle, but was still claiming that it was, “only a flesh wound”.  Believe it or not, I treat lots and lots of people whom no one knows but possibly their spouse or closest friends, just how severe their pain really is, and how adversely it has affected their life.  Many of these are of the older generation who grew up when people simply toughed things out.  While I do treat my fair share of people who have a tendency to exaggerate their pain, those who minimize their pain are just as common —- probably more so.
  • GETTING OFF TRACK:  Everyone knows people who like to talk —- I mean people who really like to talk.  On occasion, I will get a person who cannot seem to do a video in under 10 minutes (we usually want them to last no more than two or three).  Unless these are absolutely outstanding, I can’t use them — they are just too long and rambling.  I have had people do videos for us that wind up so far from what their original intention was, that they cannot remember the point of the story. 
  • PEOPLE THINK THEIR STORY IS NOT AS GOOD AS OTHER PEOPLE’S:  This is bogus.  If we are asking you for a video, there is good reason.  Just because someone’s story is a bit more dramatic than yours, is not a reason to not do a video. 
  • THEY SOUND TOO MUCH LIKE A COMMERCIAL:   We specifically tell people that these videos are not commercials.  Unfortunately, we do get individuals who say things like, “That Dr. Schierling is just wonderful and I highly recommend that everyone comes and sees him.”  Depending on how “used car salesman-like” these sound, they are often unusable.
  • WRONG CLOTHES / WRONG HAIR:  I hear this one a lot.  “I would be glad to do a video for you, but not dressed like this“.  Or, “I would love to do a video, but I have to get my makeup on and fix my hair up just so first“.  These people rarely do a video for us because this is typically an excuse for…..
  • CAMERA SHYNESS / FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING:  Honestly, there is no dishonor in not wanting to get in front of the camera or talk in front of people.  I read somewhere that this is the number three fear of Americans — just behind their own death or the death of a spouse.  I recently had a patient who had been to so many doctors and even been through a surgery for what had erroneously been diagnosed as a bladder problem (they are still paying on this bill, a decade after the fact).  We ended up finding severe FASCIAL ADHESIONS in her side / flank from her armpit to her knee, and all points in between — and solving her problem.  Would love for her to share her story with others dealing with similar problems, but she just does not want to get in front of the camera.  One of the ways we help combat camera shyness is by doing the video almost like a question and answer session.  When Cheryl shoots a video, she may ask a person questions to prod them along and move them in the right direction.  These questions are never meant to lead a person, only to help them find their way.

Here is the thing.  People who are looking for a solution to their CHRONIC PAIN problem, could not give a rip if you did not spend an hour and a half on your hair or make up.   They don’t care if you seem a little bit nervous or shy.   They aren’t concerned about whether or not you sound like a British voice actor or more like Gomer Pyle.  All that people in Chronic Pain care about is that there is someone out there who has the same problems they have —– and found a solution.   Our Testimonial Videos are not about you, and they aren’t about me.  They are about helping desperate people find a potential solution to their Chronic Pain Problem.  To those who do videos for us, I sincerely thank you.  I know that the people who find the answer to their chronic pain through these videos thank you also.


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