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why probiotics can’t compete with fmt




“The two most important contributors to health are diet and gut flora.  All of the other contributors, such as exercise, genetics, environmental toxins, hygiene, etc. are of minor importance.  Most people make themselves sick by not matching their gut bacteria to what they eat, so let me repeat the main point of this article: You will get sick if the bacteria in your colon can’t digest your food. And sick means allergies, autoimmunity, cancer, etc. Read and Heed or Dead.  Commercial probiotics are made from bacteria used in dairy products (dairy probiotics) or bacteria used to make enzymes in other products, such as laundry detergents.   These bacteria can be repackaged and sold as probiotics, because they have already been tested for toxicity.  These bacteria don’t normally grow in the gut and if you swallow them, they just pass through.  These “probiotics” can temporarily provide some of the functions of gut flora, because they are bacteria, but they don’t grow in the gut.”   Dr Art Ayers on Lactobacillus probiotics (milk-based) not being a viable long-term option for Gut repair — precisely the reason we use HSO’s in the clinic.    From January’s, Gut Flora Risk and Repair.

Commercial dairy products are uniform, because they are made from milk using defined mixtures of pure cultures of bacteria and fungi.  These dairy probiotics can substitute but not replace gut flora, because they can’t grow in a healthy gut.”  More of the same from Dr. Art Ayers January 25, 2014 post called Milk, Kefir and Gut Flora.

“Repair of the suppressive immune system by repair of gut flora (including fecal transplants) and feeding gut flora with appropriate soluble fiber, may be a general approach to the cure of most autoimmune diseases and allergies.   Dr. Art Ayers from his March, 2014 post called Health Diagrams II — Curing Autoimmunity and Allergies.

Don’t get me wrong, I can be a vocal fan of PROBIOTICS.  I’ve seen patient after patient after ANTIBIOTIC-AFFECTED patient, dramatically improve their health with them.  But today I want to share with you why an FMT (Fecal Material Transplant) stands head and shoulders above Probiotics when it comes to restoring GUT HEALTH and solving severe and long-standing health problems — particularly those that are “incurable”.  It’s chiefly due to the nature of feces.  To understand what I’m talking about, we are going to take a couple of minutes to discuss dukie.  Here on some fun-facts on the subject.

  • Your Colon (Large Intestine) is 5 feet long.
  • One of its main purposes in digestion is to reabsorb the water from the material passed to it from the Small Intestine.
  • Your Gut contains 80% of your Immune System, with the vast majority being the bacteria that inhabit (or should inhabit) the Colon (HERE).
  • You should have hundreds —  or as many as several thousand — distinct species of bacteria living in your Colon.
  • The bacteria living in (and on) your body outnumber your own body’s cells by approximately 10 to 1.
  • Although water, fiber (both SOLUBLE & INSOLUBLE), dead cells, and mucus make up the biggest part of your stool, about a third of the 1/3 to 1/2 pounds of feces you excrete every day is made up of bacteria.
  • Antibiotics kill bacteria; both the good and the bad.  When the bad bacteria begin to take over the Large Intestine, we refer to this as DYSBIOSIS
  • Antibiotics have caused “good” bacteria to go rogue (HERE), as well as actually “extincting” certain species (HERE).
Because of facts like these, we should begin to realize that the consequences of doing anything that destroys your Gut’s normal flora are severe.  In fact, I have gone out on a limb and publicly stated that Antibiotics are one of the single worst things you can do for your health, period (HERE).  Probiotics are getting so popular that not only are they being advertised on TV, but on occasion certain physicians will even suggest them along with some of the millions upon millions of UNNECESSARY DOSES of Antibiotics.  But why is it that Probiotics (or even “POOP PILLS“) are not the best solution — particularly when it comes to people who have serious disease processes ravaging their bodies (AUTOIMMUNITY and CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASES — click the links for lists of each)?

It’s really quite easy to understand.  Taking large amounts of probiotics — especially over the long haul — has the potential to skew the numbers and type of bacteria in the specific direction of the product you are taking, which may not be a good thing.  In other words, having too much of a specific bacteria in your Gut — even if it’s a “good”  bacteria like Acidophilus — can crowd out other good bacteria that are needed as well, but maybe not nearly as well known.  Here in America, we believe that if a little is good then a whole lot should be even better (HERE is an example with nutrition and supplements).  Unfortunately, in the case of Probiotics, too many for too long  of a period, or too often, can throw your normal ratio of good bacteria out of balance, creating Dysbiosis.  What do I recommend?

  • STAY OFF ANTIBIOTICS:  When you are sick they give you Antibiotics.  These destroy / kill your Immune System — of which the greatest portion is made up of good bacteria —- leaving you more susceptible to sickness.  And when you get it, the cycle starts all over again.  Bear in mind that numerous other drugs have Antibiotic properties as well. 
  • TAKE PROBIOTICS:  Hold on.  I thought you just finished telling me how bad Probiotics are.  No.  Probiotics themselves are not bad, it’s how they are taken that’s bad.  What’s probably more important is to make sure you are eating a variety FERMENTED FOODS.
  • LESS HYGIENE:  In many ways we are too clean — way too clean (HERE).  Your SKIN should have a large and diverse number of organisms living on it, just like your Gut.  In fact, to a large degree, your Gut gets its bacteria from your skin.
  • BREAST FEED YOUR BABIES:  Make sure you breast feed your babies, and while you are thinking of it, make sure to have a natural delivery and clean your child’s pacifier in your mouth (HERE).
  • DON’T NEGLECT SEX:   In the same way that sex with people who carry certain diseases can cause STD’s, REGULAR SEX with your spouse has as much potential to swap good bacteria as almost anything other than this next bullet point.
  • FECAL MATERIAL TRANSPLANT:  It sounds totally gross.  I already know that.  I also know that desperate times call for desperate measures.  If you have any sort of chronic illness, you should really start thinking about a FMT.  No; your doctor will probably not agree with you.  The cool thing is that there are plenty of DO IT YOURSELF sites online.

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