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Consent to Treatment of Minor Children

I realize that many of you might be saying to yourself, “Why in the world would infants —- or for that matter young children, ever need to be seen by a chiropractor?”  Just remember that the spine houses the part of your nerve system that connects your brain with the various muscles, tissues, glands, and organs of your body.  Most of the problems that you and I have today are the result of things that started when we were very young (HERE).  Vertebrate that are either out of place or not moving properly in relationship to each other create interference or irritation in these nerves.  Subtle loss in nerve function and PROPRIOCEPTION cause various types of sickness and disease.  Although there are all sorts of health-related problems that respond to the work that I do here, some of the most commonly seen in children and infants include COLIC, CHRONIC EAR INFECTIONS, & ASTHMA.

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