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Injured Ligamnets / Scarred Ligaments

Injured ligaments: Although everyone has heard of ligaments, not very many people know what they really are or what they do.  Ligaments are the ELASTIC, COLLAGEN-BASED CONNECTIVE TISSUE that connects bones to other bones.  LIGAMENTS come in “bands” (more like fascia) as opposed to “chords” (muscles or tendons), and their individual fibers should line up with each other in a nice, neat, and orderly parallel fashion.  In fact, notice how the individual fibers of the various knee ligaments line up in a nice and neat parallel fashion to each other.  This is true of all the Elastic, Collagen-Based Connective Tissues, including Muscles, Tendons, and Fascia, and is the thing that provides them the ability to stretch and elast.   Develop SCAR TISSUE in ligaments and you’ve got a problem on your hands.  The good news is that certain ligaments are not so deep that they cannot be accessed to treat.

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