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Mystery Pain

Mystery Pain

Why in the world did I include a category like ‘Mystery Pain (the ‘official’ medical name for this is MUPS) along side everything else?  It’s simple.  A large percentage of people that I treat have been given no real diagnosis for their problem.  After all, the word “diagnosis” when broken down means “di” (two), “a” (anti, against, or not — like an a-theist), and “gnosis” (knowledge or knowing). Two people (both the doctor and the patient), and neither one has any real idea what is causing your pain!   OK; maybe it’s not quite that bad.  But the brutal truth is that incredible numbers of people are not being helped by standard medical treatment.   And when they are given a diagnosis; it’s something like DEGENERATIVE JOINT DISEASE, and wonderful words of wisdom like, “After all Joe, you’re not as young as you used to be”.

As I have said several times already, FASCIAL ADHESIONS do not show up on MRI’s. This is quite problematic because Fascia is arguably the single most pain-sensitive tissue in the body.  It is quite common that when people come to us with all sorts of Chronic Pain type of issues, they (or their insurance company) have already spent thousands, tens of thousands, or even six figures on their problem (watch HARLEY’S VIDEO).  You don’t believe me?   Just visit our PATIENT TESTIMONIAL PAGE to see how absurdly often this is occurring.

If, after visiting our website, you have even the slightest inkling that your problem could be due to microscopic adhesions and scarring in Connective Tissues such as Fascias, LIGAMENTS, or TENDONS; please call us.  If we can help you, you will know it in one or two treatments. As you can see from our patient testimonials, a large percentage of people see incredible changes almost instantly.  Cases of “Mystery Pain” that can’t be resolved with our Tissue Remodeling Treatment, can frequently be solved via BRAIN-BASED THERAPY.


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