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  The truth of the matter is that although surgery is sometimes a necessary evil, it unarguably causes scar tissue.  And not only does surgery cause scar tissue, it often times fails to fix the problem it was supposed to fix in the first place.  You do not really need elaborate explanations or numerous examples to understand this phenomenon.  Every person reading this could probably recite a list of people that have either experienced it first-hand, or has experienced it themselves.  All I can tell you is to try Tissue Remodeling.  It will either work or it will not.  It will not make you worse.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Post Surgical Pain

VIDEO TESTIMONIALS: POST-SURGICAL SCAR TISSUE Despite everything Michelle had done, she had been struggling with increasingly severe Chronic Pain for the past seventeen years.  Just before Christmas break, I fixed a long-standing PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME in Michelle’s sister, who referred her in (a five plus hour trip) shortly after that for Chronic Pain caused by post-surgical scar tissue.   Although our Scar Tissue Remodeling does not work for patients who have been burned (I’ve tried), it frequently works wonders on certain kinds of post-surgical scarring.  Michelle is one such example.

MICHELLE’S STORY:  After slowly leaking for who-knows-how-long, Michelle’s appendix completely ruptured just three months into her first pregnancy — over 17 years ago.  Told that his wife had only thirty minutes to live without extreme intervention, her husband signed a waiver saying that he wanted his wife saved —– at the expense of her unborn child if it came to that.  Fortunately, doctors managed to save them both.  They actually took her tiny son (3.5 inches long, 2 oz) out of her womb and held him in their hands while they cleaned the pus and gangrene from inside of her.  Needless to say, even though Michelle and her son were both alive, she ended up with a huge amount of FASCIAL SCAR TISSUE as well as several massive surgical scars on her abdomen.  Listen to Michelle tell the incredible story of her miracle baby (a young man who has been called to ministry), her journey through Chronic Pain, and God leading her to a solution in tiny Mountain View, Missouri (HERE to watch).

I also thought I would include some links on people we helped with the pain from their unsuccessful Rotator Cuff Surgeries (HERE, HERE, and HERE), as well as a PIECE I WROTE on Scar Tissue in those who have undergone mastectomies.


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