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#1     “THE DRINK”


Unless there are extenuating circumstances, seven days a week my breakfast consists of a huge glass (I actually drink it from a small pitcher) of water with a large scoop of GREENS FIRST, three heaping scoops of SP COMPLETE natural protein powder, and about a cup Golden Flax Seeds that I grind to “flax meal” in a $10 Mal Wart coffee grinder.  This is a low carb / low Glycemic Index / Gluten Free breakfast. As weight loss supplements it has everything I could ask for.  And yes, it actually tastes good!

“The Drink” contains Cold Processed vegetables and fruits, Cold Processed protein (as well as numerous other plants, herbs, and anti-oxidants), and it has my favorite form of fiber —- the one that not only tastes good, but is high in Omega Three Fatty Acids.  There are 3-4 better “Greens” products on the market.  The reason that I choose to carry Omega Greens in my clinic is because it is Cold Processed and it actually tastes good.  Most “Greens” products taste more like pond scum than anything else.  You won’t like them, and your kids will definitely not like them.  And if you don’t like something, don’t try to fool yourself into believing that you will eat it!

For those who are serious, you can buy a 25 lb bag of un-ground Golden Flax for under 25 bucks at Shetler’s Grocery in Cabool.  You can also use Omega Greens and SP Complete independently from “The Drink”.  My kids take the Greens every day, and love them.  Oh, and one more great thing about “The Drink”…..  Because it contains a lot of insoluble fiber, it doubles as a daily Colon Cleanse.  How big a deal for weight loss is keeping your bowel healthy?  Absolutely huge!


I happened to be in our local grocery store the other day and noticed they had a dryer-sized box of Fish Oil for sale — less than 2 bucks a bottle.  Cheap Fish Oil sounds like a great deal —- until you begin to realize it is just that —- “cheap” Fish Oil.  For Fish Oil (or fish, for that matter) to provide any health benefits whatsoever, it must come from wild, cold water fish.  Unfortunately, most Fish Oil comes from farm-raised, warm water fish.  On top of that, you must take fish oil that stays refrigerated (what happens to unrefrigerated fish?).  This is because when highly unsaturated fatty acids go bad, they don’t just “go bad” or rancid.  They actually start throwing off free radicals —- known cancer causers.  Bottom line; when Fish Oil is good, it’s real good.  But when it’s bad, it can actually be harmful; even toxic.

If you have read our INFLAMMATION PAGE, you already realize that Omega Three’s are critical for health.  For heaven’s sake, the brain itself is made up largely of Omega Threes.  If the brain is not working properly, how is your endocrine system (adrenals, thyroid, pancreas, etc) going to work properly?  Many people who have bought into the Omega Three vision want to take Flax Seed Oil instead of Fish Oil.  Although cold-pressed Flax Seed Oil is great stuff, metabolically, it does not take the place of Fish Oil (this has to do with Fish Oil’s active ingredients, EPA & DHA).  Oh, and while many people belch the cheap stuff; if you belch our Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil, it means that you are not digesting fats properly.  We have a simple solution for this.


YOUR GUT is full of “good” bacteria.  These good bacteria are so critical to IMMUNE SYSTEM FUNCTION (not to mention digestion) that current research tells us that 80% of your body’s entire immune system is found in your gut.  If you are deficient in these good bacteria, you will not only be sick, you will have weight-related health issues.  How does one become deficient in good bacteria?  Truthfully, there is ultimately really only one reason.  Antibiotics.

In their infancy, antibiotics were used as a last-ditch method to save people who were at extreme risk of dying from bacterial infection —- a leading cause of death back in the day.  However, that thought process did not last long.  Doctors saw the benefit, and increasingly began prescribing antibiotics for all sorts of things.  Now, every time you go to the doctor with a sniffle, cough, or sneeze, you are almost guaranteed to be given a prescription for antibiotics.  Although this might kill the infection (if it is one of the 20% that is actually bacterial — most are viral), it progressively weakens your immune system, making you increasingly susceptible to the next infection that will invariably come your way.  When you go to the doctor again, what do they give you (or your child)?  More antibiotics!  Repeat this cycle ad infinitum until your gut is a DYSBIOTIC MESS, and you are six feet under!  Because most people have had lots of antibiotics over their lifetime, there are few that cannot benefit from at least the periodic use of PROBIOTICS.

And interestingly enough, this is not a completely novel idea.  Most people have actually heard of probiotics before.  The most common of these is called Acidophilus.  Acidophilus is cheap because it is made up of only one bacteria — Acidophilus.  THE PROBIOTIC THAT WE CARRY IN OUR CLINIC is made up of numerous bacteria called HSO’s (Homeostatic Soil Organisms).  These are the 20 or so “Good Bacteria” that you will find in rich, organic soil —- the same bacteria that should be present in the normal “flora” of your gut.  Although probiotics might very well be part of a sick person’s immune system protocol, there is no one that cannot benefit from periodically taking some quality probiotics, and if you are trying to lose weight; it’s imperative.


No, this is one product I don’t carry, although I recommend a heck of a lot of it. Get it at your local health food store.  It is a gentle stomach ACIDIFIER that actually alkalizes the body.  Shake it up so the “Mother” is not sedimented on the bottom, and take a spoonful with each meal.  Great Stuff!    Warning:  Not that the gallon jug of pasteurized vinegar in your pantry is bad for you, but it will certainly not provide the same health benefits as the raw product.


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