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Over the past decade, there has been more research in the field of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, and most particularly Fish Oil, than any other area of nutritional supplementation.  Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil (PGFO) is not your mother’s fish oil.  Most of us remember cod liver oil (yech!), or fish oil capsules that would leave you belching fish for hours (whew!).  We knew it was supposed to be good for us, but we couldn’t get past the taste (or the aftertaste)!  PGFO comes from wild, cold-water fish, whose oil is Molecularly Distilled at low temperatures (in vacuum chambers), to remove any impurities.  Because it is independently assayed, you know it is free of heavy metals and rancidity.  Because all the protein has been removed via “Molecular Distillation” all that is left is the fat (oil).  The oil itself has very little fish taste.

PGFO is very different from the fish oils sold in department stores (Mal Wart), drug stores and most health food stores.  Learn to tell the difference! (look for concentrations of at least 750mg DHA, 1000mg EPA per teaspoon dose. Choose a brand which has been independently tested for mercury, heavy metals, PAH’s, PCB’s and dioxins).

Why Are Americans So Sick?
Omega 3 Fatty acids are found naturally in grass-fed, free range animal products such as beef, poultry, eggs, dairy products, as well as wild, cold-water fish.  It is not found in commercially raised, or grain fed animals.  Unfortunately, today’s American diet is highly processed and lacks these essential nutrients sources.  A healthy balance of Omega 3 oils (anti-inflammatory) to Omega 6 oils (mostly inflammatory) should be at most 1:3 and preferably 1:2.  In fact, numerous studies say the ideal should be 1:1.   Americans over-eat inflammatory Omega 6 fatty acids (many of these are the dreaded Trans Fats), found in items such as animal fats, cooking oils, junk foods, etc, bringing those figures closer to 1:30.  This causes massive amounts of inflammatory mediators to be released into the blood, which in turn create huge numbers of severe health problems.  This is called Systemic Inflammation and is a culprit in the vast majority of Chronic Illness here in America.

In fact, the #1 health issue facing America today is a class of illness known as Chronic Inflammatory Degenerative Disease.   This is a massive category that covers a wide range of seemingly unrelated health problems.  A shortened list of chronic inflammatory conditions includes:

  • Disc Injuries / Slipped Discs / Disc Herniation / Disc Rupture / Inflammatory Discs
  • Chronic Pain Syndromes of every shape, size, and color
  • Heart Disease and virtually all forms of Cardiovascular Illness, including Stroke
  • Many Skin Conditions including Eczema and Psoriasis
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Asthma
  • ADD, ADHD, and Depression
  • Numerous Neurological Conditions
  • Many Female Issues
  • Diabetes / Insulin Resistance / Obesity
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease / Leaky Gut Syndrome
  • Cancer

That is one heck of a list.  I sincerely hope that it got your attention!

Why Does PGFO Work So Well?
If Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil seems “too good to be true” it’s because these and numerous other debilitating health problems share a common origin…..SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION.  The beautiful thing about Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil is that it attacks the source of inflammation!   The use of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil specifically for these and other health problems is backed by thousands of studies from around the world, published in peer-reviewed journals and is the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory available today.  It has no known side-effects (unless you are on blood thinners) which is nice to know in this day and age of deadly anti-inflammatory drugs, not to mention harmful over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol.
  Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil is absolutely amazing.  But please don’t take my word for it.  For more information, check out the peer-reviewed research on these two sites:



There are clear cut reasons why PFGO is a superior product to the stuff that comes off of the health food store shelf! If your fish oil is a cheap, unrefrigerated, off-the-shelf, or mail-order product; that is exactly what you are putting in your body —- cheap fish oil.  Be Warned: There is a strong possibility that you could be doing more harm than good!

  • Because they sit on a store shelf, unrefrigerated and exposed to light, they are far more likely to be rancid.  Rancidity in any fat is a bad thing, but when an Omega-3 fatty acid goes “south”, it can be toxic!  The more unsaturated the fat (unsaturated fats remain liquid at cooler temperatures), the worse it is for your health if it goes bad. This is because they are not simply “rancid” or spoiled, but are actually creating free radicals. If you know anything about free radicals, you know that they are a major cause of cancer.
  • Poor quality fish oils almost surely contain high levels of lead, mercury, and other toxic substances. One of the beauties of pharmaceutical grade fish oil is that this toxic junk is removed via a process called Molecular Distillation (this is what makes it “Pharmaceutical Grade“).
  • To provide any sort of health benefit, your fish oil supplement MUST come from wild, cold-water fish. Although scientists do not completely understand why; the only fish or fish oils that provide any nutritional benefit as far as anti-inflammation properties are concerned, come from fresh, wild, cold-water fish. Unfortunately, much of the fish and fish oil that is marketed today, comes from warm water “fish farms” along the coasts of Washington and Oregon. Fish are packed like sardines (no pun intended) into huge underwater pens just off the shore, and fed commercially raised fish food (soy pellets) complete with antibiotics, growth hormones, and the whole bit! Salmon are commonly raised in this fashion and are actually fed red dye to give them a pink color.  Cheap off-the-shelf fish oil supplements are manufactured using this sort of low grade fish oil. Dr. Floyd Chilton makes the case in 2005′s best seller, Inflammation Nation, that eating farm-raised fish, or taking cheap fish oil supplements that come from farm-raised fish, is worse than doing nothing at all!

Farm-raised fish products are worse for your health than not eating them?  That is frankly shocking!  Oh, you don’t believe me?  Listen to the words of Doctor Hans Larsen; creator of the single most comprehensive Fish Oil research site on the web today.

It is clear that consuming a diet rich in oily fish or alternatively, supplementing with fish oils is one of the most important steps one can take to ensure vibrant and lasting health. Fresh, wild pacific salmon is still an excellent source of safe fish oil, but if that is not available then a high quality fish oil is the answer to ensuring that daily needs for EPA and DHA are met. Only fresh, highly purified fish oils (molecularly distilled, pharmaceutical grade) stabilized with vitamin E should be consumed. Low quality oils should be avoided as they are unstable and may contain significant amounts of mercury, pesticides, and undesirable oxidation products. [“Oxidation Products” equals cancer-causing Free Radicals]

Schierling Chiropractic, LLC carries only refrigerated Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil . Our liquid fish oil is flavored with essential orange and as I said earlier, even the liquid tastes good enough that my kids actually like it (but for those who do not want liquid, we also carry the capsules, although you get just a bit more bang for your buck with the liquid). One serving contains 1050 mg of EPA and 750 mg of DHA.   Because it is independently assayed for purity, you know it is free from Mercury, PCB’s, PAH’s, heavy metals, dioxins, etc…

After going out and buying bottles of several Over-The-Counter brands of fish oil from area grocery and health food stores (believe it or not, most of them cost less than $5.00, and one bottle of 120 capsules was $1.79), we sat down one day and calculated the amount of EPA & DHA of our fish oil against the most commonly sold fish oils.  We discovered that to get the equivalent amount of EPA and DHA, you would have to take anywhere from 6 – 20 times the amount of the cheap stuff! That does not even take into account that the cheap stuff is cheap for a reason. It is low in quality, unchecked for toxicity, and almost always comes from farm-raised, warm-water fish.  As I said earlier, warm-water fish and fish oils are actually worse than worthless as far as their oil is concerned.  They are harmful!

If Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil seems “too good to be true” it’s because so many debilitating health problems share a common origin —- Inflammation.  Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil attacks the body’s metabolic source of inflammation.  And as you can tell from the above links, PGFO is backed by thousands of studies from around the world, published in peer-reviewed medical journals (if you read the studies, you find that the researchers are never using cheap, OTC fish oil supplements for their studies).  Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil is probably the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory product available today, which is nice to know in this day and age of deadly anti-inflammatory drugs.  Interestingly enough, although PGFO has been our clinic’s number one supplement for almost a decade, I have few patients who take it for their heart.  Why do they take it?  They take it because it makes them hurt less (arthritis and fibromyalgia).


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