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I realize that many of you are wondering how in the world a chiropractor is helping many children suffering from Chronic Ear Infections —- particularly when the medical community has not been able to do so?  Well, wonder no more.  Simply go the MY POSTS on the subject.  One more thing.  If you have a child with chronic ear infections, I am begging you to come see me before you even think about having some of the more radical treatments available today.  And yes, ANTIBIOTICS for childhood ear infections are no longer part of the Standards of Care for many ear infections.  Why?  Scientific studies have shown they not only do not work, they cause recurrent infection.
Dr. Russell Schierling.

Connie Rabun

Connie Rabun (now a stay-at-home Homeschool Mom in the Hartshorn area) is a Certified Trauma Nurse (RN) as well as a Respiratory Therapist (she also knows a thing or two about delivering babies, as she works as a midwife as well).  I treated her three year old daughter 8 years ago for ear infections.  What Connie forgot to mention in this video is that her daughter’s doctors were threatening she and her husband Wade with turning them over to the State of Texas Division of Social Services.  Why?  Simply because they were trying to hold off doing a Tympanostomy (Ear Tubes) on their daughter.  Watch as a “medical insider’ shares her family’s powerful testimonial about Chiropractic and Chronic Ear Infections.

Betty Hockman, CPA

I saw Brent for the first time when he was four years old.  He and his parents were living a nightmare due to his struggle with chronic ear infections he had suffered with from infanthood.  His middle ear was so chronically infected and  causing so much internal pressure, that his eardrum would rupture —- all the time.  A mixture of pus and fluid could be constantly seen draining down his cheeks.  He would come home from daycare with crusted cheeks and soaked shoulders due to the constant ear drainage.  Betty and Steve were practically “living” in the Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist in Springfield, who had essentially thrown up his arms and told them that there was little else to offer Brent.  Because I attended church with the Hockmans and had heard about their situation, I approached Betty and Steve to suggest that they bring him to see me.  Of course they were skeptical —- just like you are —- just like I would’ve been.  It’s OK.  I understand your reserve.  Watch this amazing testimonial.  And feel free to speak with Betty Hockman CPA, her husband Steve (who owns Mountain View Lumber), or Brent himself, who is now in his early 20’s.  We love you Brent!    


Melinda Smith for her daughter

Oh yeah,  isn’t it sort of amazing that Chiropractic Adjustments help clear the nerve system of interference that also causes asthma?  Which would you rather your kids have?  Steroid Inhalers that have a list of side effects that have the potential for all sorts of permanent problems; or a periodic Chiropractic Adjustment?  When you think about it, it’s not really a difficult decision.  Great information on ASTHMA.



Paula Neal

Paula is a long-time patient who brought her one year old son to see us for chronic ear infections and fluid behind the ears (he is two now).  Her biggest worry was hearing loss due to the fluid behind his drums, but also hearing loss that is frequently caused by Surgically Implanted Ear Tubes.  Listen to her tell Timothy’s story.

Amy Garrison

Amy is a Registered Nurse, who happens to be a Certified Nurse Midwife (she is also a Certified Professional Midwife for home births in Missouri).  She brought her young son in a couple years ago because he was having trouble talking, and the doctors had told her that it was due to an inability to hear because of fluid behind the ears.  He could not talk because he could not hear.    Awesome testimonial!  Thanks Amy!  By the way, if you are looking for a Certified Midwife, Amy lives in Peace Valley and can be reached at (417) 277-5383.

Joy brought Beth to me when she was little.  Are you starting to see that chiropractic works for childhood ear infections?  If you have not tried this approach, you need to.  Listen to Joy tell Bethy’s story.  By the way, little “Bethy” is now in her mid-twenties, married, and has children of her own that I have treated.

Listen to Jamie describe her child’s chronic ear infections being taken care of by a specific adjustment to the Atlas (top vertebrae in the neck) and an adjustment to the ear.


The day Malachi turned three, I walked into his room and when I did, the door knob hit him in the ear.  Interestingly enough, he developed his first ear infection about three hours later.  My wife Amy struggled with ear infections her entire life —- until she met me.  I understand your concern about chronic ear infections because I have dealt with it in a very personal way.


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