This video was shot about 20 minutes after meeting Jennifer for the very first time.  Listen to the powerful story of the instant relief she received after a decade of various medical and chiropractic procedures.


I could have put Rita under any number of categories.  She had lots of problems, but I would say that her neck and upper back were the worst.  After a serious car accident as a young adult, she was left with chronic pain up and down her spine.  She had been a chiro patient long before I met her, and the story was always the same.  Adjustments were really the only thing that would help her, but the relief was never lasting.  I started working on Rita not too long after I started our Tissue Remodeling work over a decade ago.  Listen to her powerful testimonial about the effectiveness of what we do here.


When I saw Anthony for his first Scar Tissue Remodeling Treatment, he was complaining about chronic pain between his shoulders and across his mid back.  Breaking these adhesions not only freed him up to a degree he had not experienced for twenty years, it also helped him breathe better!  Thanks Antone.


I deleted the video was shot a couple of months ago —- about 20-30 minutes after meeting Michelle for the very first time.  She made a five hour trip to see me, and was not disappointed (that video was replaced with this one at Michelle’s request).  Despite everything Michelle had done, she had struggled with increasingly worse Chronic Pain for 17 years.  After slowly leaking for who-knows-how-long, Michelle’s appendix ruptured just three months into her first pregnancy.  Doctors actually took her tiny son out of her womb and held him in their hands while they cleaned out the pus and gangrene from inside of her.  Needless to say, she ended up with a boatload of scar tissue as well as several massive surgical scars.  Listen to Michelle tell her incredible story about her miracle baby, her journey through Chronic Pain, and finding the solution to her problem in tiny Mountain View, Missouri.
I have had chronic pain between my shoulders since my early twenties (30 years ago).  It began on a job that required constant heavy lifting, and was worsened by a truck wreck that I was in several years ago.  Chiropractic adjustments were one of the only things that seemed to help, but the results were never long-lasting.  After several treatments a couple of years ago, my pain is about 95% less than it used to be on a day-to-day basis.  KELLY LAWRENCE, SPICE MANUFACTURER,  CABOOL, MO

This is a great website! I had long-term pain. I had scar tissue in my lower back, and am a new person after only a few treatments. It works. Thank you!!  WENDY ALTERMATT, WILLOW SPRINGS, MO


This is my Mom, Cindy Schierling.  She had developed a chronic mid back, shoulder, neck problem from getting “jerked” by my brother’s big boxer.  About 18 or 19 years ago, my Mom was walking Bandit, when he took off after a rabbit or cat (he was on a leash at the time).  Being a big dog, when he hit the end of the leash, he gave my mom an incredible “jerk“.  She immediately knew that something was wrong with her back, neck and shoulder, and went to her chiropractor.  Over a period of several years, she struggled with this problem; and although adjustments were about the only thing that really helped her, the relief never lasted more than a day or two (I would also adjust her when I saw her).  She was one of the very first patients that I treated back in 2000, with the Tissue Remodeling.  Thanks Mom!  I love you.


Because he is a professional piano player who spends a lot of time at his computer, Matt spends a lot of time hunched over keyboards.  Because of this, he had developed pain and headaches caused by FASCIAL ADHESIONS.  Matt is back to leading a pain-free and productive life again.  By the way, Matt’s website is THE PIANO BY EAR.  My son uses his videos.  Awesome stuff!



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