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Willie came to me after suffering with severe Elbow Tendinitis / Tendinosis for about two years.  Nothing he had tried worked.  His case was novel in the fact that it was a chest problem that was causing his elbow pain.  Cool story!  After turning his case over and over in my mind because it is so ‘different’, I have come to the conclusion that this may have been TOS and not an Elbow Tendinosis.I have since found other people with similar type problems.


Jay had struggled with his elbow off and of for years, but several years ago, it started really giving him some grief.  Listen to Jay talk about a mile a minute as he tells you his story.  By the way, he mentions Michell McDaniels in this video.  Michelle suffered with a shoulder problem for between 15 and 20 years before getting it fixed with Scar Tissue Remodeling.


Larry is the pastor at the Church of Christ in Licking, MO.  He was getting a haircut in Summersville, when he ran into a “truck driver” (Ronnie Harper) getting his hair cut.  Larry’s arm was in a sling, and Ronnie told him that there was someone in Mountain View that could fix his arm.  Larry had tried all sorts of things, including steroid injections and Platelet Rich Therapy Injections (which I have never seen work even one time).  Listen to Larry’s incredible story.


Although Ashley’s elbow story is not about Elbow Tendinosis (that is what the doctors erroneously diagnosed her with), it is about the elbow.  As crazy as it may sound, she set the hook while landing a large fish, and messed up her elbow severely.  She was in an MVA while on her way for an MRI, which landed her my office (back and neck pain).  After dealing with her other problems, we fixed her elbow as a sort of side note.  Cool story by a cool girl!


or more than 15 years I have had a problem with my elbow, and for better than 6 years I had chronic severe pain in my left elbow which
caused numbness to radiate down to my hand making it impossible to grip
or hold anything. After my husband told Dr. Schierling about the pain I
was in, we decided to try the Scar Tissue Remodeling Treatment and see if it
would help. After two sessions, I feel almost 100% better. I can’t
thank Dr. Schierling enough!
  Josie Gillingham, Winona, MO


I fell on the ice a few years ago and caught myself with my elbow. I
was in such pain! I went to the MD for x-ray, and then several weeks of physical therapy. The
therapy was so lame and did not really help. I decided to call Dr
Schierling to see if he could help with the radiating pain in my back.
During the adjustment I mentioned my elbow. He suggested “Tissue
Remodeling”.  I got immediate relief. I had not been able to
straighten out my arm and left there with full mobility of my elbow.
The pain during treatment was minimal but the result was maximum!


In 1987, I was working in a cheese plant.  One of my jobs was taking core samples to be sent to the FDA for testing.  I had a long tool similar to a corkscrew that I would “jam” into huge blocks of cheese, and then twist and pull.  Eventually I developed severe elbow pain and was told by a Work Comp doctor that I would need surgery.  To make a long story short, the surgery was unsuccessful.    I lost sensation and strength in my fingers.  I might be carrying an envelope out to the mailbox and not even realize that I had dropped it.  I decided to try Dr. Schierling’s “Tissue Remodeling” treatment.  It took two treatments to regain full strength and function of my hand.  Remember now, I had been like this for over 15  years!  I would recommend this treatment to anyone.  RON WEBB, PROPERTY APPRAISER, MOUNTAIN VIEW, MO


About 20 years ago I injured my arm in a logging accident.  I could not straighten the arm out beyond about 30 degrees.  I had gone to Dr. Schierling for my back and he noticed my arm and asked about it.  He said that he may be able to straighten it out by fixing the fascia.  I told him that I had been through months of therapy, and spent lots of time on my own trying to straighten it by lifting heavy buckets of rocks.  He worked on it, and in less than 5 minutes he had my arm straight. TOM FISKE,  FISKE LOGGING, SUMMERSVILLE, MO



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