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My knees were hurting bad every time that I played soccer. It was not long until they hurt all the time. I finally told my dad (Dr. Schierling), and he told me that I was showing signs ofOSGOOD SCHLATTER SYNDROME. He treated my legs two times. No more knee pain. Michaela Schierling, Age 11


I suffered what I thought was a minor, innocent, hamstring injury in fall of 2007 that just would not get better. I tried several different treatment routines and plans, all with no noticeable improvement. After talking with Dr. Schierling, he told be about the fascia tissue and the problems injuries like mine caused with the fascia. Long story made short, he said he could fix it, so obviously I was game! After two treatments in 2011, a week or so apart, I noticed SIGNIFICANT improvement in my range of motion and strength capacity. Now, a short two months after the treatments and the follow up recommendations for my “at home” rehab part of the treatment, I am back to 100% capacity with my leg strength and flexibility. Thank You!   Brian Denton — Hospital Administrator


I had been dealing with Chronic Pain in my right knee for 20 years.  I have been to many doctors, had numerous X-rays & MRI’s, and done therapy and bracing.  The doctors would always tell me the same thing — that there was nothing really wrong with my leg.  I did not even know how my problem started, but it progressed to the point I could no longer exercise or participate in sports.  Going to the grocery store was a chore —- I could barely walk!  Dr. Schierling talked to me and told me that “Tissue Remodeling” might help.   He found massive quantities of scar tissue surrounding my knee and broke it up.  Believe it or not, I am 90% better after only one treatment. TERRI DENTON, SUMMERSVILLE, MO


I struggled with knee pain since I was about 10 years old.  I had developed golf ball sized lumps below my knee caps, and doctors told me for years that it was “just bone” and there was nothing they could do about it. My Grandma and Mom used to rub my legs to try and bring me some relief.  The pain was so bad that just having it bumped could cause me to collapse.  As a heating and air provider, I have to crawl around underneath houses.  I quickly learned to crawl on the insides or outsides of my knees.  The only thing that helped my knees was wrapping them in tape. Three years ago, I made the decision to join the National Guard.  I was not sure how I would survive boot camp, but Dr. Schierling took one look at my knees, told me that I had Osgood Schlatter, and told me that although he could not get rid of the “lump”, he could help with the pain.  I had time for only one treatment before I left for boot camp, and that was three years ago.  I still have the lumps, but the pain is totally gone (HERE is the video).  MICHAEL SMITH, HAC, MOUNTAIN VIEW, MO



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