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30 year class reunion


Chase County High School

Friday after work, I climbed on my GL 1800 and headed back to Kansas for my 30-year Class Reunion.   The picture above was taken right before the parade that ran through downtown COTTONWOOD FALLS, around the famous courthouse, and then back again (Tammy even led “The Rooster Cheer“).  There were actually two other classmates who made it to lunch but were not able to make it to the parade.  Yes, our graduating class was small, even for Chase County standards — thirty people.

I was also fortunate enough to visit with ILENE BURRIS in Emporia for about an hour, earlier that morning.  After lunch I tried to get out to Larry and Becky Edwards just outside of Clements, but barely got my bike turned around after encountering some serious mud on their minimally maintained county (gravel) road that doubles as a driveway.  I chased the storms all the way back to Missouri but could never quite catch them (was hoping the rain could do what ended up taking me a couple hours to do).  Really sorry I missed you guys — will make it a point to come see you next time I am home. 

It was great seeing everyone (I can’t believe how good everyone looked), and I look forward to doing it again.  If you ever happen to be coming through Mountain View, let me know.  Maybe we can hit the CURRENT RIVER.


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