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The other day, I wrote a post called CHIROPRACTIC MIRACLES, which was about a young woman whose life had been all but destroyed by PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME she developed from a severe automobile accident.  Since she drove 1,600 miles to see us, you need to take thirty seconds to read her comment to the article.  Cool stuff!  Thanks Liz.

Below is a Video Testimonial of Vicky.  Over a period of several years, Vicky had been thrown from her horse a number of times, always landing on her back and / or rear end.  After developing progressively worse low back / hip / buttock / Sciatic pain, she came to see me.   I took a couple of initial x-rays; and not following my own advice that it is frequently difficult to correlate X-ray findings with a patient’s pain (I was fooled by their severity — HERE), I sent her to Springfield for some additional testing.  After running her through several advanced tests and essentially telling her that her case was hopeless (there was nothing to be done for her other than taking meds while her back DEGENERATED down to nothing), she ended back at my office. 

Stupid me; I had not checked Vicky for FASCIAL ADHESIONS and TENDINOSIS of her Piriformis and Gluteal Muscles.  The Scar Tissue was horrendous.  And although Vicky is not where she wants to be yet, she is dramatically improved over where she was a year ago —- this despite still having the same ugly findings on MRI and X-ray.  Thanks for the video Vicky!

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