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another testimonial to eating a whole food based diet


whole food weight loss

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“But as I said, there is no comparison for the way I feel from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep.”  Richard Burris, Greenville South Carolina
A few weeks back, I got a COOL TESTIMONIAL from Kate — my best friend Rick’s wife.  This morning, Rick sent me something rather cool himself.  You see, it was Rick and I who did the HOLIDAY CHALLENGE together last year (no doubt we will revisit it again this year as well).  Although this was the beginnings of Rick’s journey back to health, it was cemented by his wife’s diagnosis of Interstitial Cystitis — one of about 3,000 different kinds of AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES.  In a show of support, Rick went on essentially the same diet as Kate did (HERE).  The results of their new “WHOLE FOOD” way of life have been amazing!  Rick not only lost a bunch of weight, but feels better than he has felt in years.  By the way, I can totally relate to his erroneously thinking that low numbers on the scale being the best (or in his words, “sole“) measure of one’s health.  Awesome job Rick!
What really counts is that I feel great.

Since starting this next phase of my health journey by joining Kate in the cleansing / detox at the first of June, I have purposefully not paid attention to my weight.  All of the years of competitive wrestling make it too easy for me to look at weight as the sole measure of my health.  However, the few times I was on the scale in 2012 and early 2013 I was a solid 230, and may have once tipped the scale at 240.  A few weeks back Kate talked me into getting on the scale again.  I wouldn’t look and I didn’t let her give me a number.  I knew I was losing weight at the time. This morning I got on again without looking. When I stepped off her eyes were lit up. I still don’t know the number but she answered the one question I had before I could ask it.  I am now under 200 pounds just three months later.  Kate by the way, is about 125 and was weighing 150 a year ago. Too bad we didn’t get physicals and blood tests three months ago.  It would be interesting to compare the numbers.  But as I said, there is no comparison for the way I feel from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep.

Rick Burris,
Leaders Fuel
Greenville, South Carolina

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