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chronic neck pain and fascial adhesions


Neck Pain

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A few weeks ago I was heading to Mountain Home on the GL 1800 with my daughter.  It was unseasonably cool, so I was wearing a leather jacket.  The headset cord to my helmet’s com system kept catching on the collar of my jacket every time I turned my head.  It was a real annoyance.  Every time I turned my head to look at something, the cord caught and kept me from turning all the way —- until I stopped, moved the cord, and fixed the problem.  Essentially I was being “TETHERED“.

Quite often, actual restrictions of the neck are easily dealt with by getting a few CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS.  But what about the people who have had LOTS of Chiropractic Adjustments with little or nothing to show for it either as far as ranges of motion or pain are concerned? There are huge numbers of people whose restrictions in their necks are not due to the fact that they have vertebrate out of place and need more and more adjustments, but instead due to FASCIAL ADHESIONS that cause so much tissue restriction that it prevents them from turning their heads all the way.  Don’t get me wrong, adjustments can be an extremely effective tool in the war against CHRONIC NECK PAIN.  However, if adjustments alone are not filling the bill, it is time to turn to plan B.

Unless the amount of DEGENERATIVE ARTHRITIS is so severe that bones are literally fusing together, SCAR TISSUE in the FASCIA is an exceedingly common cause of Chronic Neck Pain.  Tissues that should be microscopically aligned to each other like well-combed hair, are instead tangled and twisted like a HAIR BALL.  As you can imagine, this causes restriction and a loss of normal Range of Motion.  But take it one step further. 

The real problem is that since most of these adhesions occur in the Fascia, and since Fascia cannot be imaged using current technology such as MRI (HERE), people are told that there is nothing really wrong with them (HERE).  Except that they are not as young as they used to be.  Or that they have a touch of arthritis (HERE).  Or that they are a drug seeker.  Or that they are simply a whiner.   The fact that Fascia is one of the most pain-sensitive tissues in the body, yet does not image on MRI, creates a potential for chronic pain’s PERFECT STORM.

If you have a suspicion that your Chronic Neck Pain could be the result of Fascial Adhesions, try a TISSUE REMODELING TREATMENT. JUST ONE.  If Scarred Fascia (DENSIFICATION) is your problem, you will see results quickly.  It might take several treatments to completely solve the problem (many of you will need to contemplate “PHASE II” of the process), but you’ll know after the first if it is going to help. HERE is where you can find Video Testimonials of patients who have struggled with Chronic Neck Pain just like you —- and found relief.


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