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dr robert mendelsohn’s confessions of a medical heretic



You’ve “arrived” in the field of alternative healthcare when you have your own Quackwatch page.  Dr. Mendelsohn’s page says this about him.  “Robert S. Mendelsohn, M.D. (1926-1988) engaged in irresponsible criticism of the medical profession and science-based health care during most of his medical career.  Although he had taught at several medical schools and been chairman of the Illinois state licensing board, Mendelsohn considered himself a “medical heretic.”  He opposed water fluoridation, immunization, coronary bypass surgery, licensing of nutritionists, and screening examinations to detect breast cancer.  One of his books charged that “Modern Medicine’s treatments for disease are seldom effective, and they’re often more dangerous than the diseases they’re designed to treat”.  I loved him from the moment I read his first book back in chiropractic school,

A while back I reviewed that landmark book, HOW TO RAISE A HEALTHY CHILD IN SPITE OF YOUR DOCTOR.  Today we will tackle 1979’s Confessions of a Medical HereticI recently pulled this book off my shelf, and in about 40 minutes, thumbed through everything I had highlighted.  A great book that proves the old point that the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Jodi-Hummingbird said it best in her Amazon review of his book, “This 1979 book is an interesting read. It is a bit dated and the book would likely be very different if written today, yet it is also true that the same core issues of ignorance and corruption in medicine remain.  Hospitals are still causing lots of unnecessary suffering for their patients and for many doctors their `high and mighty’ attitude is as present as ever.  To get the best care, we need to question established medical practice and all of our doctors as much as possible. The medical profession is very slow to change and slow to admit they were wrong about anything, if they admit it at all.  Mainstream medicine and media is so far behind when it comes to the best health information in many fields. You have to do your own unbiased research and be your own advocate.

So; which review of Dr Mendelsohn’s work is more accurate?  I have to say that they are both accurate.  While it is true that his books are dated, the mainstream medical community is fighting the exact same problems today that it was fighting back when he wrote this book (I was 13 years old). Mendelsohn’s folly was believing he could tackle some of the biggest sacred cows in modern medicine and come out unscathed.   A few that come immediately to mind are VACCINATIONS, FLOURIDE & CHLORINE, ANNUAL PHYSICALS, FEVER, and THE MYTH OF EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE (it went by a different name back then — “Science-based Health Care“).

The bottom line is that J. Hummingbird was right —– you do have to do your own research and be your own advocate if you want yourself and your family to survive and thrive in today’s healthcare environment!  Dr. M died 25 years ago, but the legacy he left for us lives on.  If you are struggling with chronic pain or chronic illnesses, make sure to take a look at THIS POST that espouses many of the virtues touted by Dr. Mendelsohn.


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