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antibiotic use in animals is increasing


antibiotics livestock obese

“Every day, Americans use some 51 tons of antibiotics.  But only about a fifth of that is to treat human illness. Most of the rest is given to livestock — and not because the animals are sick. Instead the drugs are used for what the FDA calls ‘production purposes’: to help animals gain weight more rapidly…..”   Michael Smith from a recent MedPage Today article called Antibiotic Use in Animals Under Fire.
I have written about the relationship between antibiotics and OBESITY several times previously (HERE is one of those).  In fact, when promoter of the ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET, Dr. David Seaman’s talks about feedlot-raised beef, he almost always refers to it as “obese“.  With all of the other multitudes of problems associated with human consumption of ANTIBIOTICS, doesn’t it make sense that Antibiotics given for non-medicinal reasons be banned?   Some people believe that this has already taken place.  In Europe; yes.  In America; no.  The supposed ban that people might be thinking of was — yep; you guessed it — ‘voluntary’.  This is because, despite the health concerns of overusing antibiotics, farmers complained that it would add over a billion dollars to their collective bottom line.  Big Pharma and the medical industry are overjoyed because it is going to add tens of billions to their bottom line.

Last year, the FDA, realizing that ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE was skyrocketing, decided to ‘suggest‘ that antibiotics only be used if approved / prescribed by a vet.  Makes us feel all warm and cozy doesn’t it?  Not after you realize that not one in a hundred farmers are even aware of the ‘ban’.  This is because the supposed ban came in the form of having the PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES add a few words to the small print on the bottle’s label.  If things have not improved in three years, the FDA will revisit the issue and “suggest” some changes to their original suggestions. 

By then, the individuals most responsible for these suggestions will be working inside the industry as paid lobbyists or ‘consultants’ where they can be paid the big bucks for their suggestions (see FDA link above).  Hey; it’s the way that EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE works here in America!  What can you personally do about this problem?  Find someplace other than the grocery store to buy your meat.  Yes; as a promoter of the PALEO DIET, I am a promoter of consuming meat (preferably antibiotic-free meat).

If you live somewhere where there are a lot of deer, you could HUNT for a good portion of your meat.  If that is not an option, find someone selling beef (or poultry) that is both antibiotic-free and HORMONE FREE.  Although there are many in our area, a great new resource for this kind of meat is FRESCOLN FARMS.


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