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brand new study reveals which diabetes drug is best


A couple of weeks ago the American Medical Association via their world famous journal, JAMA, published a study (Comparison of Clinical Outcomes and Adverse Events Associated With Glucose-Lowering Drugs in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes: A Meta-Analysis) that definitively revealed which of the most popular DIABETES medications works best.   This is particularly relevant information once your realize just how big a segment of the US population is dealing with or going to deal with this problem.  In fact, EARLIER THIS YEAR I discussed a new UCLA study on the topic, which stated, “Altogether, 15.5 million adults (55 percent of all California adults) have prediabetes or diabetes.”  Which drug should these folks be taking?  After comparing America’s top 8 Diabetes drugs, the JAMA study revealed the brutal truth……

“A central finding in this meta-analysis was that despite more than 300 available clinical trials involving nearly 120,000 adults and 1.4 million patient-months of treatment, there was limited evidence that any glucose-lowering drug prolonged life expectancy or prevented cardiovascular disease.  There were no significant differences in associations between any drug class as monotherapy, dual therapy, or triple therapy with odds of cardiovascular or all-cause mortality.”

Did you catch that?  Read it again until the sheer magnitude of what the authors are saying hits you in the chest like a runaway train.  Stop for a moment and think about this.  Not a single one of these drugs help you live longer.  And the kicker is that they don’t even help to prevent the problems classically associated with Diabetes such as HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, HEART DISEASE, HEART ATTACK, or stroke.  Are you joking me?  Why else would America’s DIABETIC OR PRE-DIABETIC POPULATION take the stuff?  Could it be that they have been a pawn in one of America’s all-time great con jobs?   According to a commenter on a related article from MedPage Today (Do Dieu Que MD,visiting professor from Vietnam’s Dong A University), this would seem to be the case.  “Among diabetes drugs, which one is produced by what company, the company concluded that it’s good.

In other words, about the only thing you can trust the drug companies to do is to claim their product works.  Even when it doesn’t.  But hey; it’s the nature of the garbage the government has foisted on us and dressed up with a clever, oxymoronic name; EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE.  The authors went on to say that the only drug that showed benefit for diabetics was Metformin — and it’s none too wonderful (HERE).  “Metformin was associated with lower or no significant difference in HbA1C levels compared with any other drug classes.”  Wasn’t great, but at least it was better than placebo.  None of this should come as a shock if you follow my blog on a regular basis.

Back in 2014, I wrote a post about John Fauber’s amazing investigative piece from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (The Slippery Slope: A Bittersweet Diabetes Economy).  In it he talked about the 30 Diabetes drugs that had been approved by the FDA to lower BLOOD SUGAR over the course of the previous decade.  “From 2004 to 2013, none of the 30 new diabetes drugs that came on the market were proven to improve key outcomes, such as reducing heart attacks or strokes, blindness, or other complications of the disease.”  In other words, Diabetes drugs are much like STATINS.  Although statin drugs certainly lower cholesterol, once you start looking at absolute risk -vs- relative risk, you realize that the emperor has no clothes.  We have seen repeatedly that contrary to popular belief, Statins do little or nothing to lower your chances of heart attack or stroke —- which is the only conceivable reason you would take them, considering their severe side-effect profile (HERE) — a profile we already know is GROSSLY UNDER-REPORTED.

If you are truly interested in getting healthy, getting rid of the pain, losing the weight, getting off the drugs, and avoiding the surgeries that are almost surely on the horizon, there is something you really need to read.  I have created a GENERIC PROTOCOL that will help the majority of you take your life back.  It works quickly and is completely free, costing you little or nothing to implement.  What could be better?  Basically, I am giving you a GOLD BRICK.  Reach out, take it, and change your life in the process!


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