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car crash causes chest injury


Car Crash Injury

Image by La Cara Salma

A few years ago when Amy was away at college, I recall HER DAD telling me about the car accident that she had been in.  Due to the violence of the crash and the force of the airbag, she ended up with a broken sternum and WHIPLASH.  The problem is, her pain did not resolve as expected.  Over the course of time, she was run through all sorts of tests including MRI’s, echo-cardiograms, CT’s, and a host of others.  The doctors eventually told her that her problem was not her heartUnfortunately, neither did they tell her what her problem actually was.  She went to chiropractors and physical therapy to no avail.  She even had a doctor tell her that her problem was her mid-back, and she was going to have to have it surgically fused in order to solve the CHRONIC PAIN.

I found her case particularly interesting because her pain was caused by severe Scar Tissue and FASCIAL ADHESIONS where the under-wire of her bra was driven into her body by the impact of the airbag and seat belt.  Her’s was, as I have stated time and time again, THE PERFECT STORM of Chronic Pain.  Listen to Amy tell her story, and if you suffer from RIB TISSUE PAIN, make sure to check out these links as well.

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