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the first step in dealing with chronic migraine headaches


Migraine headaches are a common side effect of gluten exposure for those who are intolerant.  The website of the Gluten Free Society

Fasting, eating high-sugar foods, dieting too rigorously, and skipping meals can all trigger, or make people more likely to have a headache or migraine. Even delayed or irregular meals can make a difference. This is usually due to people’s blood-glucose levels falling too low.  The website of the Migraine Trust

Most of you who struggle with CHRONIC MIGRAINE HEADACHES have tried it all —- or so you think.   You have already been through the tests to make sure you do not have a brain tumor or aneurysm.  You have had blood work done numerous times to check for disease.  You have been on a whole host of medications that have not really helped.  And you have suffered because migraines can ruin your life.  So; where do you go from here?  What’s the next step?

As a chiropractor, most people would assume that I would start out by recommending a bunch of Chiropractic Adjustments.  You know what happens when you assume don’t you?  The starting point for taking care of Migraines is almost always diet.  The two things that I see associated with Migraine Headaches over and over and over again are Blood Sugar and Gluten Sensitivity.  Both can be dealt with by yourself if you know how to go about doing it properly.  The really cool thing is that both of these problems are dealt with in much the same way; a strict PALEO DIET.

It is interesting to note that Migraine Headaches are not the first neurological problem to be tied to these two things.  In case you missed it, NEUROPATHY is being heavily linked to Gluten Sensitivity and Blood Sugar Dysregulation as well.   In fact, fluctuations in blood sugar are not only tied to almost every health problem you can name, they are being tied directly to Migraine Headaches by several studies.  When a person eats a diet high in grains, processed and starchy carbs, or SUGAR, their blood sugar can become “UNCONTROLLED“.  It is critical that you understand that this might be going on even though your blood sugar readings are in the “normal” range.  Most particularly, Migraine Headaches are shown to be linked to the blood sugar crash that comes after the spike —- REACTIVE HYPOGLYCEMIA.

If you were to Google “Gluten Migraine” you will get three quarters of a million hits.  Not only is this relationship seen in clinical practice, there are a number of peer-reviewed studies on the topic. Although most people associate Gluten with gastrointestinal symptoms, GLUTEN is heavily linked to neurological problems as well.  In fact, more often than not, Gluten Sensitive people show neurological symptoms rather than GI symptoms (HERE).  If you want to know the proper way to go Gluten Free, read my post on the GLUTEN FREE ELIMINATION DIET

Here is the really great thing about following this method.  This sort of approach is the basis for healing THE GUT and solving LEAKY GUT SYNDROME as well.  It also happens to be the best way of eating if you have ADRENAL PROBLEMS / FIBROMYALGIA, THYROID PROBLEMS, all sorts of AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES as well as a host of INFLAMMATORY ILLNESSES —- all of which can be related to Migraine Headaches.  And for those of you who have tried this method of managing your Migraine Headaches without the results you were hoping for; do not give up hope.  Your problem may very well be caused by Scar Tissue and FASCIAL ADHESIONS.  Having the Scar Tissue broken, along with some CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS and STRUCTURAL CORRECTION can go a long way toward helping you manage your Migraine Headaches.

Take a look at Heidi Martin’s testimonial from Dr. Osborne’s site below.   Her statement about misdiagnosis is particularly interesting in light of THIS HEALTHCARE PROVIDER SURVEY. Unfortunately, Heidi is the norm.  In fact, if you fail to step outside the box and tackle these sorts of problems on your own (HERE), it is likely you will not ever find a solution.

I had been on disability for nearly 3 years due to debilitating migraines. I was getting them on an average of 26 to 29 days a month. I have recently gone on a gluten free diet and have stopped having migraines. My doctor had diagnosed my migraines as being brought on by stress but I am undergoing the most stress I have ever gone through yet I am migraine free, so I highly suggest to all you migraine sufferers, please try a gluten free diet. It really isn’t hard to do at all…    What a gift to not be living in daily physical pain…   Now I am wondering if they misdiagnosed the reason I have an eight inch scar on my tummy from that intestinal surgery as when I read the symptoms of celiac disease, I seemed to have all those symptoms as well…   I have lost so much faith in doctors…I am starting to feel better off researching things myself. 

Please; if you someone you love or care about is struggling with Migraine Headaches, pass this important information along to them.  It could literally change their life.  While you are at it, help spread the word by liking us on FACEBOOK.  It’s the best way of reaching your community with a message of hope.

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