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carrying and delivering twins causes piriformis syndrome


Ask any woman; carrying and delivering babies is hard work!  Knowing this, it’s not surprising that women tend to develop a problem known as PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME at a rate between 12 and 15 times greater than men.  And as you might also imagine, multiple births magnify everything.  After delivering twins nearly a decade ago, Rebecca used to come in and see me complaining of the same thing — buttock pain and pain down the leg (SCIATICA).  I would adjust her, but the results were always short-lived.  It took a bit of doing to convince her, but finally, after talking to HER AUNT GALE (someone I had fixed a 25 year-old case of PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME on several years ago), she decided to see if the Tissue Remodeling would work for her.  Needless to say it did.  Take a moment and listen to Rebecca tell her story of finding a solution to years of chronic pain.

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