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chiropractic miracles — it’s all about the nervous system


The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body.” Page Four of the 29th Edition of Gray’s Anatomy

The following paragraphs are the results of notes I jotted from a brief oral testimonial. I had a patient come in today that I had not seen in about four years.  Just like the first time, he hobbled into the office with excruciating low back pain.  After the adjustment, I managed to talk him out of a quick testimonial.

When Rex came in to see me four years ago, I examined him, X-rayed his low back, and learned that he had never been to a chiropractor before.  I not only found areas of subluxation in his low back where he was having pain, but I found areas of subluxation in his neck as well.  I adjusted his spine, and sent him home to ice, and then return in a couple of days to see his films and get another adjustment.  Everything seemed so routine that I never really thought anything about it.

Rex came back in for his Report of Findings a couple of days later, and the first question out of his mouth when I walked into the room was, “What does chiropractic have to do with the ears?”  We have lots of patients who, after they get adjusted, report some degree of improvement in their hearing or more commonly in the fact that their ears are no longer plugged. 

Still not thinking much of the situation, I showed him my trusty MEDICAL NERVE CHART (copyright 1957) that hangs on the wall of every room in my office, and explained how branches of nerves from the cervical spine connect to nerves that come directly off of the brain.  When it all works properly, it allows you to hear.  He preceded to tell me an amazing story.

After his first adjustment, he went home and turned on his TV.  He could actually hear it.  He realized that his hearing had returned after 42 years of almost complete deafness (he could not carry on a conversation in a vehicle unless he was looking at you).  When I adjusted him, I had utterly no idea that he was deaf — only that his neck was out of place and that some of the vertebrae were not moving like they should. 

I asked him how we conversed in the office a few days prior, and he told me that he was a lip reader.  I never did check his hearing on the initial examination, and figured his hearing was like lots of other people I treat — poor.

He told me that he had gone deaf not too long after car accident that occurred when he was 18 years old.  Because he had never in his life had neck pain, no one ever put two and two together.

After I adjusted Rex today for his low back pain (four years after our initial meeting), I had to ask him if he could still hear.  He told me that he could hear a normal conversation from 100 yards away.  I would love to take credit for this incredible miracle of chiropractic and tell you that it was because of my superior skill and intellect.  The truth is, I did not even realize that he was deaf.  Rex is an accomplished lip reader!  Never forget that nerve interference can cause all sorts of problems in the body besides pain.  

Written by Dr. Schierling as per an interview with Rex Mitchell in the summer of 2011.  Written permission was granted to post this Testimonial.  Be sure and like, share or follow on FACEBOOK if you appreciate!

Interestingly enough, we have had a few similar experiences with patients and smelling.  Joy (you can check out her Video Testimonial HERE), had Chronic Headaches for decades.  I used to adjust her all the time, because it was the only thing that would really bring her relief.  It’s just that the adjustments would never last more than a day or two.  She was one of my original TISSUE REMODELING patients over a decade ago, and after her very first treatment, her sense of smell came back in its entirety —- after 30 years of not.


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