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“Chronic pain has turned my life into a living hell.”  An all-too-common theme of far too many of the patients who come to see me from all over.
Piriformis Syndrome

My business is not about me.  It’s about you, and helping those of you dealing with Chronic Pain get your life back —- from the hell you’ve been living.   Don’t believe me?  How easy do you think it would be for me to use my site to sell desperate patients like yourself all sorts of over-hyped, over-priced products?  Honestly, it would be ridiculously easy.   Chronic Pain patients, like people who struggle with their weight, are frequently easy marks.  The truth is, I don’t sell anything from my site.  Instead, I provide you with huge amounts of free, cutting-edge information on what it takes to regain and maintain your health.  And because I went through a decade of CHRONIC PAIN myself before finding a solution, I understand what you’re going through.  In other words; I get it.  

Besides providing you with mountains of great information, I love using my website to showcase the results that occur EVERY DAY in my clinic.   What I do works.  No, of course it DOESN’T WORK FOR EVERYONE.  But for those struggling with specific kinds of Chronic Pain (HERE is one such example), it can at times be almost miraculous. And who else tells you up front that you will know in just one treatment if it’s going to help or not (HERE)?  Case in point is the testimonial I received last evening. 

You see; after a great deal of debate as to whether to make the 8 hour trip to see yet another doctor, “Joe” (not his real name —- he works, I believe, with healthcare providers who might not appreciate his candidness in testimonial form) traveled to be seen for a problem he had suffered with (and I do mean “suffered” with) for over a decade.  Joe’s story was typical.  He was leery to come see me because in his mind, he had tried everything else there was to try.  He had been through the usual array of tests, doctors, specialists, more tests, drugs, and even recommendations for surgery —- a classic example of the MEDICAL MERRY GO ROUND.  As is typical, some of the doctors had even told him the pain was all in his head (that’s doctor code for “honestly, I have no idea what’s really wrong with you —- your insurance coverage has run out —- find someone else to bother“).

Joe’s pain started out on his left side, but had progressed until it was now in his abdominal area, running down into his left buttocks, and running up to his left shoulder.  The SCAR TISSUE that was actually causing his pain was in his side and abdomen, with numerous other areas of Scar Tissue present — probably due to a decade of compensation. 

The cool thing was, Joe was essentially out of pain within the first 20 minutes of treatment.  Was Joe thrilled?  More than his email below can convey.  Thanks for the testimonial Joe.  I wish you, your lovely wife, and your children the best!  You can now have that normal family life back that you so desperately wanted.  I promise you that lives will be changed as the result of the words that you emailed me.

Thanks again!
Dr. Russ

I went to Dr. Russ for pain in my left abdomen & left buttocks that has been persistent for the past 10 years. On my first visit with him, we talked about my various areas of discomfort & pain that I had been dealing over these years. He did the Soft Tissue Mobilization Treatment over a small area on my left side and after a few minutes I saw an improvement immediately! After he tested this area he began treating other different areas on my left side of the body to deal with the various discomforts and pains that I have had. Thank you so much, Dr. Russ, for your treatment. It has been terrific since the treatment with no discomfort.  The pain has subsided completely.

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