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Neck Pain Scar Tissue

According to scientific studies from both the government and private sector, between a quarter and a third of the adult American population suffer with CHRONIC NECK PAIN and / or HEADACHES.  If you have never had CHRONIC PAIN, count your blessings because until you do, you cannot fathom what it can do to you.  It drains the energy and life right out of those struggling with it, and becomes the predominant thought in one’s mind —- what can I do to relieve my pain? (HERE).  And far too often the medical community, instead of attempting to get to the source of this chronic pain, prescribes drugs —- LOTS OF DRUGS

Although there are many different and varying causes of chronic neck pain and headache (HERE), they often have a common origin — BIOMECHANICAL DYSFUNCTION OF THE NECKFortunately, many of these common biomechanical issues can be effectively dealt with.  Chiropractors have understood the importance of proper biomechanical function for well over a century (the profession of “Chiropractic” began in 1895 even though manipulation has been around for thousands of years).   Incredible numbers of cases of individuals struggling with chronic or acute neck pain, and headaches have been resolved by chiropractors.  But what about those who do not resolve so easily?

I frequently run into a class of patients who have chronic neck pain and / or headaches that is easily resolved by chiropractic adjustments.  But the adjustments never seem to hold for more than a few days before the symptoms return.  No matter how many adjustments these patients receive, their symptoms act like the proverbial boomerang that always seems to come back — a dead give-away that their problem is related to Scar Tissue (HERE). 

Another problem commonly found in individuals who never really understand the importance of having underlying biomechanical dysfunctions corrected is spinal or extra-spinal degeneration.  One of the major known causes of DEGENERATIVE ARTHRITIS in any joint is abnormal motion / function of that joint over time.  Although doctors love to tell patients that they have “arthritis” because they just aren’t as young as they used to be (or better yet, they have DJD — Degenerative Joint Disease); the truth is often times much less complicated.  Fascial Adhesion could very well be at the root of your pain and dysfunction!

If you have FASCIAL ADHESIONS in your neck, upper back, or even your SKULL, there is a high probability that it is a big part of your pain.  I know, I know, I know.  You want to know, “If these Fascial Adhesions are so stinkin bad, why haven’t I heard about them before?”  Why hasn’t your doctor talked about them with you?  It’s really quite simple.  The vast majority of Fascial Adhesions and Scar Tissue will not show up on any tests —- even the most advanced imaging tests such as MRI (HERE).  To gain a better understanding of the whole process, take a look at THIS short post. 


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