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chronic pain testimonial from a professional piano player


Chronic Pain Piano

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog post called MUSICIANS AND REPETITIVE INJURIES OF THE WRIST, HAND, AND FOREARM.  In that post I mentioned (not by name) an individual I had seen just days before.  “Just last week I treated a classical pianist who used to practice eight hours a day.”  That individual is Hector Rivas, currently of Cleveland, but originally from California. Shortly before his visit, Hector, a thirty year old classical pianist whose specialty is Beethoven, sent me this email.

Hello Doctor Schierling,
I am glad to say that I went ahead and scheduled an appointment two weeks from now with your office. I look forward to the visit and certainly do hope to God that you can help me. I have nothing against other doctors that I have been seeing but I am tired of being given the runaround, pain meds of all sorts, and being sent to one doctor after the other, wondering at what point are they actually going to treat the problem. Not sure if what you will do will work but I think it’s worth the try. I tell you the truth when I say that I was a promising pianist who can’t even play anymore, and now can’t even type, let alone do anything that requires gripping or holding without moderate to severe difficulty or causing injury that is still lasting.

After replying to him that, “I will do everything in my power to help you get back to playing the piano,” I saw Hector on his birthday at 6:00 am.  Rest assured that the FASCIAL ADHESIONS and TENDINOSIS cased by years of practice were massive.  Our session together was INTENSE, and after it was over, Hector made the 12 hour drive back to Cleveland.  This is the email I received from him last evening (after asking him, he gave me permission to put it up for you to see).

Hi Dr. Schierling,
I should probably give it another week before I report how effective the treatment was, but I can tell you that without a doubt, it has facilitated serious progress.   I bend my left thumb almost like it’s normal, and overall the agitation I would get throughout my fingers feels like it’s subsided.  I keep with the stretches daily.  Not sure if my hands and forearms will keep progressing, but I certainly thank you for facilitating it to where its gotten in just one week! The palm side of my hand for the first time in months feels like a normal hand. And at times it moves like there has never been an issue at all.  Hopefully I end with similar results to your friend in Topeka.

FYI, the person from Topeka that Hector was referring to is ALAN RIBELIN.  I am rooting for you Hector, and best guess is that you will continue to get improvement from that first treatment.  I wish you well my friend.  If you are interested in seeing more TESTIMONIALS, you can follow the link or go HERE.  BTW, Hector later sent a testimonial that you can see on our Testimonial Page.


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