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I believe that there’s a solution for virtually every health problem short of rigor mortis.  It’s just a matter of finding the right person to help and motivate you to help yourself.  I frequently get questions from patients who want to know why they have pain.  Not only can this be extremely difficult to answer via an email (often impossible), but the answer may not be what they expected to hear.  Although some of you might be like PAM ARNOLD, whose downward spiral into misery started when she fell and HIT HER HEAD against a gravestone (she developed FASCIAL ADHESIONS over her entire body), that’s probably not the most likely scenario for most of you.  More likely than not, there is something occult (“hidden”) driving the INFLAMMATION in your body —- something “systemic”.   Some of the most common are DYSBIOISIS and POOR GUT HEALTH, GLUTEN, SUGAR, BLACK MOLD, EMF’s, PARASITES, Toxic Metals (ALUMINUM & MERCURY), etc, etc, etc.  There is, however, a possibility that said Inflammation is turning right around and causing Scar Tissue and Fibrosis all over your body (HERE). 

Although it can be, the solution to these “Whole Body” Fascial problems is usually not simple.  The very first thing you’ll have to do is to deal with the list above.  Fail to decrease the Inflammation in your body, and any work that I do here, while possibly providing amazing short-term results, will not last for the long haul.  This means that in order to get better you may have to go GLUTEN FREE, have your house checked for mold, get off as many drugs as is possible for your particular situation (HERE), fix your LEAKY GUT, control your BLOOD SUGAR, get more active (), and deal with any underlying spinal issues you may have (HERE).  The truth is, there may be any number of others.  And if you are AUTOIMMUNE, you will have to deal with that as well. 

Don’t get me wrong; once I start treating CHRONIC PAIN patients with Tissue Remodeling, it’s not uncommon to follow the Scar Tissue over large areas of the body.  If you want more information on Systemic Problems -vs- Local Problems, you need to take a few moments and read some of my previous posts on the topic.  They will probably sound rather redundant, but hopefully, they help you figure out whether or not you’re like Pam. 

  • IS YOUR CHRONIC PAIN SYNDROME SYSTEMIC:  There are lots of CHRONIC PAIN SYNDROMES out there, but THIS POST is an attempt to help you answer this question.
  • MULTIPLE LOCAL PROBLEMS OR A SYSTEMIC PROBLEM:  Sometimes people are like Pam above.  More often than not, they aren’t.  Although it’s certainly not fool proof, THIS POST helps you tell the difference.
  • SYSTEMIC TENDINOSIS -VS- LOCAL TENDINOSIS:  THIS POST helps spell out the difference between typical TENDINOSIS that is the result of overuse or an injury, and Tendinosis that is the result of a Systemic Health Problem.  HERE is an example of what I am talking about.
  • SYSTEMIC ADHESIONS OF THE FASCIA:  While some people have SCAR TISSUE & FIBROSIS all over the place, this is a “red flag” as far as Systemic Problems are concerned.  HERE is the post.
  • CHRONIC PAIN: WHY FASCIAL ADHESIONS ARE MORE COMMON THAN THEY USED TO BE:  Even though Americans don’t work a fraction as hard as generations gone by, they suffer from far more health problems and Chronic Pain Syndromes.  Find out why (HERE).

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