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New Year's Resolution

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It’s that time of year again.  The parties and holiday get-togethers have been ratcheting up in both their frequency and intensity.  There are cookies and goodie plates at work, along with a constant supply of eggnog in the dairy isle of your local supermarket.  It’s time to ask yourself how you plan on handling this holiday season.  Is it going to be like every other holiday season before it —- A MYRIAD OF EXCUSES while you put on fifteen or twenty pounds over the course of a month —- and then spend the entire next year lying to yourself and struggling to not quite take it all off?  Why not give yourself the gift of “Getting Serious”?

Serious is a good thing when it comes to your weight and health.  Serious makes you want to get an ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER, create a written plan (an EXIT STRATEGY if you will), figure out what motivates you, and then get after it.  You’ve been talking about trying PALEO, so why not now?  In fact, if you are one of the vast majority of Americans who’s dealing with CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASES, AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES, or CHRONIC PAIN, why not just do an ELIMINATION DIET and figure out what foods your body is reactive against.  Believe me when I tell you that it’s better than the binge you’re unconsciously (or maybe consciously) planning for the remainder of the year.  Face it’ you already know how crappy and DEPRESSED you’re going to feel after your annual holiday season sugar bender!

HERE is a link to some simple Strength Training exercises DONE ON A BALL in the privacy of your own home — the equipment will cost less than one month’s gym membership (and for those who are in too bad of shape to exercise, there things like THIS or THIS).  HERE is what I wrote a couple of years ago about a great WEIGHT LOSS program for those of you who are physically able.  If you do this thing the right way, you’ll not only get in shape, you’ll get healthy while you do it!  And for you hardcore SUGAR / CARB ADDICTS, I even have several articles to help you get out of the pit you’re mired in (research shows that sugar addiction is not only real, for many people it can be as bad or worse than addiction to hard drugs).  If you get your mind right; regardless of how many times you’ve failed in the past, success can be yours this time. 

Bottom line; it’s your life. It’s up to you.  No one can do it for you.  Not me and certainly not your doctor.   You’re right; the first week will be a bear.  Get started now because tomorrow doesn’t get any easier.  If you start today, not only will you be blown away at where you are this time next year, you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come by the first of the year — just six short weeks away.  Start today and in no time at all you’ll be on cruise control.

Don’t try and fool yourself by making the same old crappy New Year’s Resolutions — you know; the ones you’ve made for the past too many years count and never seem to keep for more than a couple weeks (or in many cases, a couple days). Take six minutes and listen to Prince Ea’s message on New Years Resolutions.  And then get started living the rest of your life better; today!  And if you happen to be a person struggling with severe health-related issues, I created THIS POST just for you.  It may not have all the answers, but it should at least get you thinking outside of the box that you’ve been confined to for way too long.


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