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I remember the first time I met Wendy Rector.  It was literally the first week I was in practice in Mountain View (nearly 25 years ago), and she was extremely nervous about seeing a new Chiropractor — especially one so young and green.  Needless to say, things worked out.   Among other things, I was eventually able to solve a chronic case of PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME for her, as well as having the privilege of coaching one of her daughters in soccer. 

The last time I saw Wendy, she told me that she had been diagnosed with FIBROMYALGIA.  After seeing doctors who had nothing to offer her other than drugs, she asked me what could be done about the problem.  Naturally, I sent her to my website.  I explained that Fibromyalgia is really a form of ADRENAL FATIGUE that tends to become progressively CENTRALIZED in the brain, causing the wide array of symptoms seen above.   I shared with her that there is actually an “EXIT STRATEGY” available for those suffering with Fibromyalgia (HERE’S another), and also warned her that it would likely be tough at first.

The very first thing she did was start the PALEO DIET.   She also began addressing other issues such as SLEEP as well — something that is extremely difficult for those struggling with Fibro.  When I saw Wendy earlier this week, I could not believe how good she looked.  Her eyes were clear, and she said that since starting her new life 5 weeks ago, she not only felt completely different, but had lost a significant amount of weight — without even trying.  It all has to do with her CONTROLLING INFLAMMATION.  As she was leaving she said to me, “Thank God there’s someone looking out for our health.  I’ve poured over your website, and can’t tell you how important it’s been to my recovery.

Here’s the thing folks; although I am certainly flattered by her kind words, I didn’t really do anything other than point her in the right direction.  You can go that same direction if you want to.  You can do what she did.  The information is all RIGHT HERE.  No pre-pays.  Nothing to buy.  No bait-and-switch.  It’s certainly not as easy as taking meds, but it’s far more effective.  Even if you are a hardcore SUGAR ADDICT (many who struggle with Fibro are), you can do what Wendy did.  Wouldn’t it be really cool to look back to this day one year from now as the day you started taking responsibility for your health, changed your life, and broke free from the chains of Fibro?


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