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Relief From Chronic Pain

I’ve shown you what a FIRST TIME VISIT to my clinic looks like.  It’s very different than the average, where someone will usually try and sell you a large care package.  Some people (for instance, people struggling with HERNIATED DISCS or who were just WHIPLASHED) will undoubtedly need more care. But here in my clinic, I don’t schedule my average patient a return appointment.  Why not? 

Because I am so confident that what I do is so much more effective than run-of-the-mill care (you know — you need to be adjusted THREE TIMES A WEEK forever or at least a very long time, no matter what your problem or complaint is), you will know after your first visit if what I am doing is effective or not.  If you need to return — great; we’re here for you.  If not; that’s great as well.  And if you need some “maintenance” to keep yourself up and running, I do lots of it.  Just understand that my definition of “MAINTENANCE” is about as different from the average chiro’s as night is from day.

That means that my office will not calling to badger you about a missed appointment or why you haven’t been in to see me in a while.  And the really great thing about coming here — one of the many things my patients love and appreciate — is all the freebies.  If you need information on effective weight loss, I’ll provide it to you.  Need to know what it will take to solve your back pain?  I’ll give you that as well.  Struggling with Diabetes or any number of Autoimmune Diseases?  Dealing with Fibromyalgia?  Need relief?

I’ve created a SIMPLE “CHECKLIST” HANDOUT I give my patients, with everything they need to solve the majority of their health problems on their own (HERE’S A GREAT EXAMPLE).  Did you catch that?  Relief. On your own.  Do you grasp what that really means?  It means you’re far less likely to require lots of expensive doctor visits to solve your problems.  And let’s be real honest; your doctor probably doesn’t want to see you anyway (HERE). 

On occasion, I even take one of the endless emails I get from people and turn it into a blog post for all to see (HERE and HERE are a couple examples).  There’s nothing more exciting to me that watching really sick people — chronically sick people — turn things completely around and get their lives back (HERE). Like I’ve always said, it’s better than someone handing you a GOLD BRICK.  Gold bricks are certainly nice; but living a HAPPY, HEALTHY, MOBILE, MOTIVATED, THOUGHTFUL, SEXUALLY FULFILLED, DRUG FREE, PAIN FREE, life — that’s priceless!

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