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more americans obese than ever


War on Obesity

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It was just a few short weeks ago that I reported on the fact that the government was telling America that we had finally crested the mountain that is OBESITY, and were on the downhill side of things (HERE).  Unfortunately, it seems as though all the hoopla was a bit premature.  The brutal reality is that the “Obesity Epidemic” shows no indication it is slowing down here in the US; let alone being defeated.

Gallup Polls, who has been tracking American obesity for the past six years, revealed the other day that as a nation we have increased our percentage of those who are obese by over half a percent from last year at this time.  By the time that you tack on the 7 or 8% of Americans who are “SKINNY FAT“, it is easy to see why weight and weight-related health issues are two of the largest drains on our national economy. 

If you are serious about losing weight, HERE is a good place to start.  Some of you have underlying health issues that will not allow you LOSE WEIGHT without some intervention.  The reasons for this could be anything from fouled up flora from taking ANTIBIOTICS, to chemical toxicity, to HORMONAL ISSUES, to FIBROMYALGIA, to GLUTEN SENSITIVITY, to BLOOD SUGAR REGULATION ISSUES, to dozens of others.  Our site is an excellent resource for getting started.  Knowledge is power.  If you are not willing to step out of the “medical” box, odds are you will be in the same shape or worse a year from now when the next Gallup Poll comes out.  2014 is almost halfway gone, take the initiative and get started today (HERE).


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