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Systemic Tendinosis

I get a constant stream of emails from desperate people looking for answers.  Recently, I had a gentleman email me and ask about getting help for SYSTEMIC TENDINOSIS (TENDINOSIS at multiple sites of the body —- usually bilaterally) that was caused by taking FLUOROQUINE ANTIBIOTICS (Cipro).  Unfortunately, I had to tell him no.  Once a health problem is systemic, a local type of treatment (TISSUE REMODELING) is no longer the answer, and in all likelihood will make the problem worse. 

Without delving into this issue too deeply, I am going to show you an email exchange that happened over the weekend.  The thing I want you to notice is M’s answer.  Although her doctor is likely unaware of the fact; there is a very specific and logical progression that virtually all health problems go through before differentiating to the point where they can be named as specific disease entities (HERE).  If the patient or their treating physician does not realize this (most do not), they will spin their wheels forever trying to deal with symptoms instead of addressing the underlying cause(s) of those symptoms.  This concept is the same whether we are dealing with FIBROMYALGIA, AUTOIMMUNITY, CANCER, GUT ISSUES, HORMONAL PROBLEMS, or Systemic Tendinosis.  Systemic problems have to be dealt with systemically if you want any hope of a solution.

Hi Dr. Schierling. 

I came across your website “Destroy Chronic Pain” and had a few questions!! I used to be a long distance runner and stopped 2 years ago because of chronic tendon pain.  It is in my hamstrings, knees and feet/ankles.  It flares up if i try to use an elliptical or any kind of exercise machine or if I’m on my feet all day. I mostly do light strength training and stretching.   I can really only walk for exercise which is a huge let down for me since I used to race and run marathons. What i really am looking for is a honest answer from someone. Do people with these kind of injuries/chronic problems have them for years? Is it possible i could have this for the rest of my life and my running days will never be the same or could be over??  Have you treated other injured runners and have they returned to running again? I am only 26 and this has been heart breaking for me not only because i can’t do what i love, but I also struggle with daily activity now too!!!! Any input would be helpful if you find the time!!


Hello M,

Even though I am not a big fan of running, I have successfully treated all sorts of athletes, including runners.  Unfortunately, SYSTEMIC TENDINOSIS is not something treatable with the Tissue Remodeling I do.  You are going to have to find out what is driving the INFLAMMATION.  I would suggest that you go to my blog and read about GLUTEN SENSITIVITY, AUTOIMMUNITY, and LEAKY GUT SYNDROME.  My guess is that you are Gluten Sensitive, or have some other underlying issue as well as a Leaky Gut. 

You may also want to read my Blog Post on CARDIO TRAINING -vs- STRENGTH TRAINING as well, as this could be causing your problems as well.  Please stay in touch and let me know how things go for you after you have done an ELIMINATION DIET / PALEO DIET.

Dr. Russ

Thank You so much for responding!!!!
I will check out your blog!  It’s interesting you think it could be gluten or something else going on because I didn’t even tell you about my irritable bowel type symptoms and issues with certain foods! 

Thanks again!  M

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