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multiple local problems or a systemic problem?


Systemic Illness

Osteomyoamare (small diagram)

One of the biggest things that doctors have been doing in their offices for decades is using “Pain Diagrams”.  Pain Diagrams are the little outlines of the body — usually seen from both the front and the back —- that the patient can put marks on to show the doctor where it hurts.  It is not uncommon that people come in to see me with their Pain Diagram so marked up, that I can hardly make hide nor hair of it.  Ultimately, I have to figure out whether the person has Multiple Local Problems or a Systemic Health Problem. Sometimes this can be tricky, and sometimes it is not completely cut and dried.  Let me give you an example.

DIANE HARMON recently spent a few days with us.  If you click on the link, you’ll see that she presented with a number of different problems.  And although she did have a weak right cerebellum that was causing a wide range of issues, the fact that she could not walk or function well (not to mention the CHRONIC NECK PAIN) was mostly the result of several different local problems.  After dealing with them one-by-one, she was better — dramatically better, almost immediately.

HERE and HERE and HERE are some posts on what constitutes a Systemic Health Problem.  In order to really start understanding the difference, you’ll need to have a handle on things like LEAKY GUT SYNDROME, the importance of GUT HEALTH, and its relationship to things like INFLAMMATION, AUTOIMMUNITY, and BLOOD SUGAR.  Without understanding some of the basics, you will stay on the MEDICAL MERRY-GO-ROUND.  Although you might be able to garner a bit of temporary relief, your chances of finding a solution are slim to none.  Hint, once you have decided to make some changes, the PALEO DIET is a good place to start!


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