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new study shows that when it comes to medical research, scientific integrity is severely lacking


Although I do not know Joseph Pizzorno, Editor in Chief of the journal, Integrative Medicine, I am more than familiar with his co-author for a brand new paper, Dr. Alex Vasquez, who happens to be a physician, researcher, chiropractor, and naturopath. 

The paper is titled Concerns About The Integrity of The Scientific Research Process—Focus On Recent Negative Publications Regarding Nutrition, Multivitamins, Fish Oil And Cardiovascular Disease, and focuses on studies that I previously dealt with on my site (HERE and HERE).  I simply want to hit some of the high points concerning what these two had to say about evidence-based medicine, for which it’s becoming increasingly clear, is an oxymoron of epic proportions.

After talking about the UNSUSTAINABLE TRAJECTORY of our current model of healthcare, the authors discussed how errors in biomedical research, whether accidental or intentional, affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide.  Think about these staggering numbers for a moment. 

With this many people being affected, we are obviously talking about a lot of money — easily billions of dollars.  And with billions of dollars at stake, do you think that individual researchers, scientific institutions and universities, as well as the pharmaceutical industry itself that controls them all, are above intentionally affecting research to make it say what they want — to make it whisper the ‘sweet nothings’ that will keep the money flowing?  As I’ve shown you time and time again in my EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE column, sweet nothings are an all too common theme in the medical research field.

“While fractions of the population succumb to a specific disease that may need drug therapy, the entire human population eats food and is directly affected by nutrition research. Further, the science of nutrition is particularly contentious and territorial. A great irony of nutrition research is that most of it is conducted by healthcare professionals with little to no formal training in nutrition. Clinical therapeutic nutrition is not taught in the vast majority of medical schools nor in post-graduate medical training programs, including those specialties that are obviously impacted by dietary intake such as gastroenterology and cardiology.

Despite this absence of training in clinical nutrition, the medical profession proclaims itself authoritative on all health-related topics, including the entire territory of clinical nutrition.  A major and serious problem arises when unskilled and invalid research is published by authors (including nonphysician journalists) in major journals which mischaracterizes the validity of nutrition interventions (e.g., essentially always concluding that nutritional interventions are inefficacious or potentially hazardous) and then such research is used politically and in the media to disparage, restrict and regulate practitioners and nutrition supplement industry to the detriment of human health.”

DOCTORS AND DIETARY RECOMMENDATIONS — how many times have I shown you that their “GUIDELINES” cannot be trusted?  In Dr. Vasquez’s recent reviews of fish oil studies that were done by the ever-corrupt ACC / AHA, he uncovered the fact that they were using (gulp) mineral oil placebos against a patented form of “medical” fish oil to make their product look better, while using cardio-protective olive oil as the placebo to test against regular fish oil for the express purpose of making it look like there was no real difference between the experimental and control groups.  In other words, according to their study, the patented fish oil is the only ‘effective’ fish oil.

Interestingly enough, this same phenomenon was recently exposed within the vaccine industry.  You can read my version HERE or you can read Robert Kennedy Jr’s version over at Collective Evolution (New study: Vaccine Manufacturers & FDA Regulators Caught Hiding Risks of HPV Vaccines).  And here the thing folks; manipulating placebos is only one of hundreds of ways that studies are being finagled for industry (see earlier link on EBM).

By the way Dr. Vasquez’s “Pharma Echo Chamber and Power Chamber” was priceless.  It was a circular diagram showing how the media, research community, medical schools, and medical journals have been co-opted by BIG PHARMA to the point where this cartel has become as powerful as governments. 

Interesting because a few years ago I showed you a study proving that in many cases Big Pharma and Big Government are the same entity (HERE).  If you want to better understand health in general, you will find some very cool videos on DR. V’s YOUTUBE CHANNEL.  He goes into serious detail concerning the reasons it’s almost impossible to trust anything put out by Big Phama, including information and studies concerning vaccines (HERE).

And for those of you struggling with chronic illness or chronic pain, you may want to check out my MOSTLY DIY SOLVE-IT-YOURSELF POST as well. I fully realize that some of you will require a SPECIFIC FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE APPROACH, but for many of you reading this — probably the vast majority — the simple hints provided completely free of charge will help you get started on your journey back to health.   If you enjoyed today’s post, be sure and spread some love around FACEBOOK since it’s still a great way to reach the people you love and value most.


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